Philippa*… and Helen** can Vouch for it

El Super Estrella era un Profeta, previo a su carrera de Icono Eterno, y La Magdalena (María, one–each) era bien JA-LA-DO—RA, ¡jaladora!, you hear? HaLaDoRah, para los que no speak–y the Spanish.

In any case Corazón, we [the staff] never thought that we’d make it this far, still, Sweetie Pi, hold that thought because we [the staff] have to say goodbye to March [womens month] in a Very–very, very special Weekend Edition of:

La semana que Philippa (y Elena) Labraron

[Voz de hembra
Miss March as Sarah Silverman]

But before we get along with today’s menu, here’s a preview of what’s coming in April; here’s a hint, it’s FUSION Fiction between La Femme Fatale and the Poisson de avril…

I Am The Walrus… context and source « you naughty girl » follows… saludos al “tumbador”… anygüey, this cunt of a creature is, in the words of “Over Mind TV (punto) com, nothing like “the little mermaid”, no Sir, “she’s a Man Eater. }—-~~~\*>. “Don’t belive the HYPE, is a Sequel,” and if you fall in love with a creature from the waters, make sure that it is a mammal, like a dolphin or a whale… a fish will stab you in the back, so if you must, Fuck’em and then Fry’em, or Stew’em, or turn’em into Soup… consider this a Public Service Announcement; you–are–welcome.

TimeStamp… is the « egg man’s » on Fip Central Station.

…in the Mean Time (20h00 CET) Saludos a Lety Delgado… for: “To Live and Let Die!”… do you do personal requests? Haw’bout David Allan Coe’s version of “You Never Called Me By My Name”, eh?

La Semana adelantada de El Mundo de Los Ecos del Pato Figaro de Le Monde… o algo así.

… aunque, Lety, este intercambio from you to me [TimeStamp: 19h56] in the cover melody of none other than “Phil…ippe A.,” is taking us nowhere, even if you’ve been given an extended “Ticket to Ride” [TimeStamp: 20h48]… context follows, Lety, pero lo bueno es que tus patrones, ni las Sirenas nos leen, eh.


Fuck… it’s 03h00 hours in CET and i’m way too fucking drunk to write let alone to continue, but for Bill Maher’s masturbation sake, check out this screen grab, it is right up his alley:

… context follows


Ahora, en time–delay y en Poisson de avril, aquí las fuentes:

1. Philippa y Elena:

« La Jaladora » … de Redes es cortesía de un tal Garth Davis en IMdB… uso justo de todos los elementos, es decir, Sirena: la bendita Agua.

2. El sitio de La Magdalena… en contraesquina hay una Revolución en Proceso y se llama TESLA… if you don’t have faith, Google Map It, ya’ Bum!

Los pilares en París son así… uso justo de todos los Diablos de Invierno, y las Cucarachas en FIP Central TimeStamp of 12h18.

3. Bonus entry para doña Vilma y para “su” excelentísima editora en el Salón del Libro en París… casí esquina con el culo de Technicolor en Issy–les–Moulineaux:

Pedro en versión NOIR, casi entrada con La Puerta del Puente Nuevo y la Rue de Cinema

Don Cartón is not a Cartoon… but you’ve gotta have FAITH!, dijo Saint George Michael (Q.E.P.D).

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