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Cousin Joe has the morning off… Mika is in control and the Big Kat is on board:

… uso justo de La Jornada en Inglés. We’re back in Three Minutes, and of course Mika, we [the staff] are Talking about The New York Minute—Kind… “everything changes.

Hey there Big Kat, you know what ‘Darling’, the good thing about this blog is that you are never going to read it. Angüey, Big Kat, i kind of got burned out on the whole Donald vs. Muller affair so we [the staff] are just going to let things fall where they need to crumble. One thing that we can really—Really—REALLY relate to, is the feeling that the “fired G-man” must have had when something that he had worked for—and for so long— got snatched away by a single fickle whim from a silver-spooned character.

El ataque de Donald Trump contra los Hombres G… say there, Big Kat, how come during Cousin’s Joe MorJo Show you don’t sport them sexy Spectacles that you often wear in the afternoon with what’s her name?… }—-~~~\*> Fair use of the BBC on the MSNBC… Happy Saint Joseph’s day, Cousin Joe.

… por aquello de los Hombres G y las Mujeres de Bandera:

“… tus deltoides, y esos musculos en las tetas, que han hecho de ti: Una Mujer de Bandera”.

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