“The narcissism of small differences”, starring The New York Times… in Real Time.

Hyperlooping with Mme. Griffin…
that’s right, CHE, it is STILL Weekend Edition.

… to be completely honest, the staff here was oblivious to what has been happening to that American firebrand in the form of a Red Riot called Kathy Griffin, but people who never read us [i’m looking at you GUSTAVO] know that Bill Maher has enlightened us, we [the staff] can certainly relate, and in a very “layman’s” way we [the staff] can relate to the lawfully awful things that Mme. Griffin, has been put through with the Interpol…the Interpol! Let that sink in for a minute, dearest Brontis à La Préfecture, and all because of a stupid picture that she had taken of her while holding the head of stupid dummy… which was certainly not the head of a “genius,” let alone a stupid genius at that… Photo-capture is for CONTEXT, and of course, dear Interpol and especially your bosses at the Department of Homeland Security of Tom Ridgeat the Department of Homeland Security of Donald Trump’s United States of AmouriKKKa, should fucking know that, you assholes!  }–~~~\*>  Dear, editors… nevermind the passivo voice employed in this entire blog, it is part of the Décor.

… dear, Chris Matthews, context follows, hugs and kisses to all the Peacocks.

Dear, Bill, you fucking werewolf, the snapshot that you needed to show was the one that got Mme. Griffin into hot water, you fucking dolt, not your ABC clippings… context follows, or stream the fucking show for references… Jerry Sinefeld!

TimeStamp: 17h30 just before the Central Europe Equinox.

Uso justo de todas las LIBERTADES de EXPRESIÓN.

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