8 de marzo, 2018… entre doctores te veas

“…no me diga – no me diga,”
es la voz del colega “House” intepretando a
Hugh Laurie el escritor.

por qué; (‘uta madre!!!). Ya sabe, licenciado… hay veces que se nos “tegan las peclas” y se nos pasa tildar las cosas con el acento adecuado; pero lo que nunca de los nunca se nos pasa es agregarle QUESO a las QUESADILLAS.


I’m used to being broke, and unemployment is more than a nodding acquaintance. I’ve been left by women I loved, and had some pretty fierce toothache in my time. But somehow, none of these things quite compares with the feeling that the world is against you.

*Page 36 of “The Gun Seller”.
Paperback edition (2014), Arrow Books
and Random House… or Doctor Meachum’s pad.

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