Time-Delayed Captures for February 21st of 2018

Dicho de otra manera:
Corazón enchilado
que combates el Cancer*
and all that bad stuff

lo siguiente
es un puto intermedio…

22 de febrero, 2018
París… 75001
* Red Hot Cancer Context follows…

You asked for REFERENCES, eh?… “Well, just plug me in just like I was Eddie Harris _ You’re eating crazy cheese like you would think I’m from Paris _ You know I get fly, you think I get high _ You know that I’m gone and I’m-a tell you all why”… The Beastie Boys — So (Brontis) What’cha Want.

… now regarding Donald Trump’s “Little Lost Brother” and the « Oswald was a fag » reference… it’s not always about being a queer. Sometimes the best example of a fag comes in the shape of a mighty Draft-Dodging “mighty hunter of a MAN,” like that PUTO: TED NUGENT [1], or Donald J. TRUMP.

Uno, dos, tres… PAGE TEN: Dear, Veinte Minutos en francés, Los Galápagos en El Ecuador (check), MACHU PICCHU en México (NO-GO, Fabrice NO-GO), El Taj Mahal en La India (Check)… i know that the French invented a thing called GEOGRAPHY, pero, FABRICE ¡no me vengas con Chingaderas!

[Voz de Mujer
Sarah Silverman…]

Stick Around
‘Cus when the Staff returns it’s:


  1. Schmitz, M., “NRA board member Ted Nugent promotes ‘crisis actor’ conspiracy theory following Parkland shooting“. Via/ THINK PROGRESS punto com… https://thinkprogress.org/nra-board-member-ted-nugent-promotes-crisis-actor-conspiracy-theory-following-parkland-shooting-59d9d7a3d9b2/
  2. Pouliquen, F., “PATRIMOINE Certains pays procèdent au contrôle du flux de leurs visiteursNon, tous les touristes n’iront pas au paradis“, via: 20 minutes punto fr… https://pdf.20mn.fr/2018/quotidien/20180221_PAR.pdf?1

Hurry up and Enjoy the Silence

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