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Stanley Kubrick’s : Napoléon
2011 Taschen GMBH
Editor: Alison Castle
… did we mentioned that it was printed in CHINA?

[Fotocaptura de un hecho empírico sobre el Metro en page two del CNews Matin — follows.]

… because as you know it was the French who invented ReasoN, after all, —y’all.

            Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo
Pg. 17 of:
A most inconsequential prelude never told“.

Los Tres brincos (PRD, MORENA, PAN) para recuperar el mandado de La Federación, ¿y porqué no? una posible candidatura a Los Pinos en el 2014 —o mismo— en menos de Seis meses. }–~~\*>  Uso justo de todos los tipos de Cambio… oda al Profe. Quintana Silveyra: master consegliere en Chiwagüita, capital.

12 de febrero, 2018
Sabbatical Day N° 39
Como Ganar en el ajedrez en menos de tres BrincoS…
and StoP worrying about a
$900 millones de Pesos (Mx);
o lo que es lo mismo en la LinguA
FrancA de nuestra actualidad,
$48 Million federal (USD) budgetary retention for your State…
¡Chihuahua! – ¡
Faltara menos!

Si así fueran para esclarecer el asesinato de Miroslava, su asesoramiento para el “governator” Javier Corral, profesor Quintana, sería uno de Cinco Estrellas, donc… falta ver a donde rechingados se va a destinar esa morralla pactada con La Federación.

Note to editors:
Lo siguiente es una digresión, y un
Asterisco (*) en esta entrada representa la voz de hembra de Ruth la del Poniente (Westward Ruth) jugando el rol, –por supuesto– de Sarah Silverman.

* “Since we are all driven by émotions, our belief that we might be ground by RationaL thought is a vain pipe dream … is a VaiN illusion.”

Stanley Kubrick’s : Napoleon
2011 Taschen GMBH
Editor: Alison Castle
… did we mentioned that it was printed in CHINA?

…  ¿o sea, que les dieron pur-it-it-it-ito Chile para llevar?… pues en las palabrotas de don Jorge Saldaña: ¡no, ‘pos qué poca madre la de esos señores legisladores!

* Note to all FRANCOPHONE editors at La Condesa, en Coyoacán, o mismo en El “Tec” de Monterrey:

ISSY…PIPE” in this context does not mean, I repeat, DOES NOT MEAN “fellatio”, just as “cock” does not necessarily mean “chile” as in the vernacular vocabulary repertoire that might be used inside of a Mexican cantina; por ejemplo Raquelito, and in the style of an Urban Dictionary example, the “put it in a sentance” reference would look something like this:

Chile.                                               [Sex]

A mostly Mexican slang word for penis.

Did you go to the party last night?
– Yes, yes i did, but i did not stay.
– Why?
– It was a Chile fest, only the princesse’s
co-workers were there.
– So you should have stayed!
– Nahhh, the line was way too long.

pipe”, as it was mistakenly typed-in on the Kubrick’s quote is closer to the clouds of a “Sueño Guajiro”, and “Cock” is just one of three positions of a hammer on a heater, eh.

TimeStamp: 19h30 in CET y ya se nos acabó el Veinte para la maquinita de los intergüevs à Le Beaubourg.

* NAPO was bearly 20 [and] serving as a young Artillery “Louie” when 14 July of 1789 marked the beginning of the French Revolution (The Taking of The Bastille). If LOUIE XVI had encouraged Social Reforms (thus) making himself Leader of The Revolution, it is possible that he could have changed The Course of History [… and if Hitler had been accepted into Art School; WWII as we know it today would have developed in a more colourful way]… NOW, according to Jan Harlan (Paris 2008), in Alison’s Castle edition of Napoléon : the greatest movie never made; the King was set in his ways, and being under the GREAT PRESSURE from the aristocracy all over Europe to Resist The REVOLUTION, in the end he decided to flee. NAPO later fell victim to that same Inability to Recognize the Need For Change, and like LOUIS, he failed to consider the FUTURE and see himself through the eyes of his adversaries. }–~~~\*> Fragment borrowed and adapted for this most inconsequential Blog from a Print Shop in CHINA, via: TASCHEN (2011)… Fair use of History and of all media.

ANAKELLY, Skin Trade:
In Explotation’s nameshe’s working all through the night, don’t think about it when it comes to making money… Doctors are the Revolution Gave Us…”

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