… anyGüey, Sarah — “Parece que fue ayer”

Eh-lo, je m’appelle armando…

And this is a time-delayed continuing coverage of an already in-progress, —Intermission— entry:

Anygüey, Dr. Chayes, it seems like only Yesterday, when Mr. Piñeira was elected in Chile, and the U.S. State department was getting their pant-suits up in a bunch because of a Socialist fellow who wanted to seek reelection. Now, as the world turns, a different panorama sets over Washington, one that actually looks out for Russia’s interests, from the Imperialist C.I.A.  •—_!_—•   We [the staff] hope that his Holiness at St. Peter’s Church do forgive us for our SINS of blogging the news… por los Siglos de los Siglos, Amen

… context follows, in the mean time here’s some very Frank Popp (news) Ensambles:

This is a time-delayed entry; in the mean while, over in the U.S. of A., Cousin Joe is worried that Sam’s nephews, the ones below the age of 35, are going to turn SOCIALISTS because of tomorrow’s Trump Tax Plan… oh, the Humanity. Context follows.

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