“A day that will live in Infamy”… Dafoe meets Affleck according to “the” Gospel of Meachamp

December 7th,   33 C.E.

… and of course to celebrate, Bibi and Donald are throwing the biggest MATTRESS SALE in Tel Aviv to Celebrate the Newest Capital of the Tribe of Abraham… Mother-Fucking Jerusalem (Baby)… Sunday, SunDAY; SUNDAY! Shop this weekend on the largest supply of Kings certified mattresses and get a CUPON for a free breakfast at any CRACKER BARREL in the BIBLE State of Alabama—bring your Bible and receive an extra dry-ass biscuit for your bland insipid grits.  •—_¡_—•   Newspaper image is courtesy of La Jornada, en Francés. 

CONTEXT FOLLOWS, because for us to accept your proposal, Dr. Meachamp, it would mean that Barbara Hershey in fact, KNEW Williem Dafoe… and that Ben Affleck gave meaning to thousands of V-2 victims, before the stupid notion of AMERICA FIRST seemed like a good idea  for Prescot Bush in the first place; to quote Bjork, it’s “Human Behavior” (baby) that will light the World on fire… chew on that and, in the mean time, here’s your dessert: π

Check this hypothesis out:


1. Dear, Dr. Meacham:  please don’t get us [the staff] wrong; or better yet don’t misread us erroneously, We Love Eric Clapton’s Testimony, but CAN YOU PROVE that the first event that you propose for our current Universe ever even  happened? Or are you just going on Blind Faith?

https :// youtube .com/watch?v=_iAaEH_dR_Y

2. Jon on Morning Joe: http://www.msnbc.com/morning-joe/watch/remembering-pearl-harbor-attack-in-1941-1111364163805

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