La Muda de las noticias… they put the “C” in Change.

December 4th, 2017.

Cero y van Tres… “Ch–ch–ch–ch–chu—Changes!… must be the Martians, doc. •—_!_—•  Context follows.

… we are experiencing technical difficulties and, as if that wasn’t enough, Cousin Joe remains upset because Alabama lost the Iron Skillet of an American college football game, or something like that. As a result, he keeps delaying the delivery date for our iPhone X; sure, sure Cousin Joe, it’s because of a football “game”, sure… we can dig it. We can dig that it has nothing to do with wild hair up POTUS45 ass and his attempt to try and pin a murder on you, but hey! Cousin Joe, what does that allegation have to do with the delivery of our iPhone X: nothing that’s what.

Of course, Rachel dearest, when we pointed out the Elvis Presley–Nixonian “imitation game” that this fucker in the screen-grab was performing during the 2016 Campaign, y’all just huddled in your little bubbles and pretended to be better than the foul-mouth blogger sphere, and now just look at your Today host; and we’re not even going to go to Michigan… know what we [the staff] mean, doc? (context follows).

Anygüey, Willie Geist, while we [the staff] try to figure out just what kind of Gremlins are involved in shutting off our connectivity, we will continue with The Michelin Guide review.

…when we return, it’s Sports! With Ari Melber. •—_!_—• In thes episode, Ari shows us how to tan a pig skin into an oVoid shaped toy for jocks.

… in the mean time,
enjoy some ‘Cambios’
From “a Man who Fell to Earth”
by: David and the Martians

… but speaking of Changes, Katy_my–Dear, might you have done something to your Goldie Locks? There’s something about your early evening look, and you’re not even sporting your afternoon Spectacles! Anygüey, Big Kat: Fish & Chips and all that good stuff. Cheers! And carry on.

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