20 de noviembre — 3ra parte, “despierta ya, mexicano*”

Anuncio en La Semana que Philippe, Labró: “Just the facts Ma’am”.

“ShyNa!” Context follows… No tiene la culpa el indio, sino el que compadre lo hace, dijo don Ignacio López Tarso (un soldado del PRI). —¡— Uso justo de todos los medios.

Pobrecitos los canadienses, méndigos huelguistas estropeando sus acciones allá en la bolsa de Toronto… a ver que día doña Kate del Castillo y don Sean Penn “corrigen” ese asunto con una novela con un documental en Netflix.

Contexto a seguir… It’s Weekend Edition.


Attention non readers, this is an other edition of After Action Reviews (AAR), our segment dedicated to check the facts —to the best of our reach and abilites— and correct wrongful information that we [the staff] took for granted in the news cycles of the Media.

Good news from Ciudad Júarez, Chihuahua, the city that once-upon-a-TimeStamp was the murder capital of the world, a notorious distinction that won the city’s newspaper of reference (El diario de Juárez) a lucrative partnership with The New York Times. Like the Left-leaning Libération in Paris, once per week, El Diario gets to reprint a collection of The NYT’s news and opinion articles in the middle of their bloody pages … excuse us, we ment to type: in the middle of their brilliant pages; the bloody part, is another chapter of El Diario de Juárez, story.

… anygüey, good news for the Mexican side of the labor force of the Borderplex at Paso del Norte, because our news contact at El Puente Negro y La Nota Nostra has some-what confirmed General Browkaw’s overjoyed terrain observations (as seen from El Paso, Texas), of maquila factories providing housing for their employees in hopes, or rather, as a solution to bringing down the unecessary, yet consecuential cases of child neglect and femele homicides in that region. The dilema faced by the mexican side of the labor force in the afore mentioned Borderplex is to accept grave-yard shifts and travel long distances to where the assembly plants are located, or face a day without food on the table.

Opting for the night-job is a decision that often takes precedence over family safety matters because the Mexican Social Fabric of the government does not provide child care for families in the most precarious or difficult of situations. Parents in these circumstances are forced to leave their grade school children alone in the middle of the night so that they (often single-parents) can provide for their young ones… the good news about that scenario is that the Mexican labor force just received a significant .30 cent rise in the Minimum Wage, —Just-In-Time— for “El Buen Fin,” or Mexican Black Friday (be advised that in Mexico, every Friday is a Black Friday; with a murder being committed every 15 minutes, black Fridays-through-Mondays are a N’Importe Quoi kind of deal; Dime-a-Dozendiría, a lo mejor don Jorge Saldaña imitando a don Antonio Aguilar.

[statistic follows]

Say no to Darkness“… Atte: El WaPo punto com. •_• AP/arrobajuarez/el diario sources follow.

Las Fuentes, que los lectores de doña Vilma no leen:

Nahomi, 12 años

El WaPo

El diario de Juárez

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