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Advertisement is courtesy of France’s Libération… Uso justo de todos los medios; contexto a seguir en la próxima entrega, porque ahorita, pues, ahorita hay sucesos de último momento.

BREAKING THE NEWS… We interrupt the budgeted schedule set for today’s Business Development entries because it appears that president Donald Trump is playing “dice” or “cubilete” (once again) with the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) programme, and news outlets in the English speaking world are not sure what to make of PUTUS… uh-hummm; sorry about that, we meant to input in all CAPS, that news outlets are not sure what to make of “potus” Nº 45 ‘tap dancing’ decision (with the House Democrats) on DACA reform, which is sure to drive passions within his base into overload; and quite possibly attempt to distract the news-cycle from focusing on the legal-sniper-cross-hairs of a very Presidential Russian Probe.

Natasha Bertrand, senior reporter at Business Insider is about to open the lid on Facebook and Twitter, and their “business development” strategy for SELLING ADVERTISMENT SPACE to Russian spy-fronts during the 2016 U.S. General Election campaign. Let’s see to what tune will those companies respective PR departments “tap-dance” this issue to, when Sen. Al Franken (D-WI…one-each) gets to ask them suits the following question, “when was it that you  knew?” that your employer was collaborating with the meddlng of a national election… regardless of the country that Putin’s Russia, surely seemed to have targeted in 2017… image capture is courtesy of Willie Geist and msnbc.

Hell! hasta no me lo vas a creer, Amigo Gustavo, Cousin Joe, and his band, which happens to be named “fayuca’… or some contraband related theme like that, they even wrote a Country & Western song about immigration reform, which they bragged about on today’s intro segment of the MorJo Show.


The melody is supposed to heckle “birthers”, “tea-baggers” and the “KKK” by way of using the now ever-present millenial speak punctuation mark “hash tag” on the ballad’s title: #AmnestyDon, however, that introductory sentiment only lasted for about half of a Morning Joe segment, because The White House, according to Katy Kay on the BBC, denied any resolutions (as of yet) to the “dreamers” programme, juxtaposing with that bulletin release at the same time, a sense of bewilderment on both the humanitarian side of the negotiating table and those whose sole purpose before this very issue amounts to a very tight (Arpaio-like) border security control.

Talking Heads imagery is courtesy of Willie Geist and msnbc.

White House channels twitted that no “Dreamer” resolution was going to be implemented, at least not before the issue of a very strict border control is also included in any up and coming legislative bills.

Big Kat context follows… Uso justo de todos los medios.

So, it seems that this hot potato issue is “just as it Ever Was“, according to the Talking Heads on the LCD and Plasma screens: Mexico and its Mexicans (plus the “dreamers” of all other nationalities in that same melting pot) are nothing more than a bargain chip for that fucking Rodeo Clown-in-Chief at the White House.

Back to you Chuck Todd… Steve “the rage-enegetor” Kornaki

Consultation… Did you know that the French invented “el cubilete”…

Uso justo de todos los juegos… Captura de imagen cortesía de Taringa [punto] com, y por supuesto, de los franceses.

1. Pablo X66… “Las reglas del cubilete mentiroso”, vía: Taringa [punto] com…. https ://m. taringa .net /posts /juegos /6239078 /Reglas-Cubilete-Mentiroso-Juego-de-bluff-faroleo .html

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