“Nomenclatura”: whatever

… for you are the Wife and the Virgin, and the Mother of the Falcon* and the Lamb** we [the heathen] and the holy —all— adapt you in accordance to taste, desires and needs.

Expect Delays and Regressions. =_= This frame is brought to you by the Parisian transit authority… in context: all rested and relaxed from the summer 2017 vacation, the Left from Center in France are taking the streets right now (in real time, timestamp 14h45 CET) from La Place de La Bastille to La Place de l’Italie; a new route that diverts from the usual landmarks, such as La Place de La République, or La Place de Nation; perhaps a symbolic shift because of a little piece of French history (and sentiment) that seems to linger against Les Versaillaise around that particular district at La Place de l’Italie (75013).  Tourists refer to this particular nearby sector as La Butte-Aux-Cailles, while the anarchists and Louise Michel remember that block as La Commune of 1871.  —_— From the collection “The Street is My Gallery”.

… when we return: “Jupiter” descends on the Greeks and decides to mingle and take some selfies with mere mortals on the streets.

Context follows…

… Still to come: Nomenclatura: MORENA... But first we check in with Cousin Joe:

“… For you are both a Saint and a Prostitute”… Dear, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX): just like you, with you Cuban heritage, might pretend to remember “the alamo, ” PLEASE DO THE SAME  when you pretend to be a Christian and PLEASE, DO REMEMBER MARY MAGDALENE… you fucking hypocrite. =_= Fair Use of all “Cinéma revues“… Hey, Cousin Joe, with regards to our ‘desires and needs’, we [the staff] are still in need of a new i-phone; it’s OK with us if you send that i-phone X… Cheers! 

Nomenclatura: MORENA… https ://www .enfoqueinformativo .com .mx /nacional /no-es-facil-luchar-contra-la-nomenclatura-ricardo-monreal/


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