Frequency Hop: Pinchi* Charlie

Good afternoon, it’s High-Noon in Central Europe; and in Méjico, today es El Día del Informe Presidencial, and that can only mean one thing, will my fellow Dreamers get an extended stay in the U.S.? We’ll see what Mr. Trump has to say about them students ordeal… in an inconsequential event, in Chapultepec, the Mexican president is due in a couple of hours to deliver his yearly Job Report.

Did you know that IT WAS THE FRENCH who invented “Journalism“?… don’t believe us? Just ask RAQUEL GARRIDO, the former spokesperson for La France Insoumise; so do stick around, because it is: Weekend Edition and kittens have we’ve got a full plate with dessert included, especially for you, coming right up… Foto por: armando segovia; 75004, Rive Gauche à la côte du Pont Marie: leyend says that when one goes under (it), one is supposed to shut his/her eyes WIDE OPEN and make a wish… or some supersticious thing like that.


Sunday, SunDay, SUNDAY!
It’s our biggest
Mattress Day Sale
of The Year…

12 years ago, the same standard age of a good ol’Whiskey, Katrina kicked in. Here’s to the unplanned urban devastation of the wetlands, Cousin Joe, who needs the Charlie Hebdo Nazies when you have FREE ENTERPRISE unregulated construction industry giants, eh?… Uso justo of the “American Immigrant Experience”.o

Shop before Monday and receive a complementary link to Anne Sinclair’s maiden commentary column on some French Sunday edition (only) newspaper…

Pont Marie a la distancia I… Context follows, foto por: armando segovia.

It’s the Anne Sinclair: Plages de Paris Mattress Day Closure Event.

… mattress on La Seine photo follows ↑↑↑

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