Pawn Shop “chic” and Paco’s Chicago Hope (on the down-low, this is part 2)

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OUT OF TIME… “time don’t matter…” Yoakam (dixit).

Abstract: It wasn’t too long ago that an argument was made (before 2008) about how pawn shops and corner check cashing fronts imposed a sketchy aura to a corner block. Add to that setting the ever present liqueur store and its common next door neighbor: the gun shop exchange, and some might argue that these three legally incorporated business fronts probably had a finger or two in the way that urban groups and tribes (cops and gangs) create their communication codes. —|— Buried somewhere between the messy files of an urban anthropologist table there is probably an annotated entry about how these three store fronts delimit inner-city communities by visually slashing the ‘neighbor’ from the ‘hoods’ while gradually adding a city plan modifier called blight into a borough, and  Right after, an identifier is tagged on the  legend of a voting district map.

This posting will attempt to explain on a bi-national scope how two popular media outlets, each with a different and significant target audience, make a favorable case for both the ‘Personal Lending Industry,” and “Pawn Shops”.

Captura cortesía de don Víctor Trujillo, en su rol comunicativo de Brozo, el payaso tenebroso. Captura llega a través de “la galería #8”, de El Mañanero Diario… vía: http ://www .elmananerodiario .com /la-galeria-mananera

The first argument is made through the advertising plug-in of a controversial, and very popular political commentary webcast (El mañanero diario); while the second is proposed by a review article first featured on the USA TODAY, and then picked up by TIME magazine.

Uso justo de todos los archivos en los medios. Captura cortesía de TIME. Vía: http ://business .time .com /2010 /08 /10 /yikes-some-people-trust-pawn-shops-and-check-cashing-operations-more-than-banks/


…nuestras herramientas de oficio siguen embargadas, y sin ser excusa, nos resulta más difícil obtener debates fidedignos en línea, como por ejemplo, los de ‘Opposing Viewpoints‘, o mismo las de los catálogos con la denominación de “Peer–Review,” para poder apoyar lo que aquí se trata de presentar, pero no se preocupe, don Calderón, al rato nos alivianamos y le metemos esos detalles, para darle envergadura —a la argumentación.

… Context follows. —_— Uso justo de Los Contreras.

De entrada, licenciado Brozo, nosotros aquí esperamos que ustedes allá no se me cuelguen de la expresión “on the down-low” en ningún otro contexto que no sea para poder hacer la transliteración al Español de ‘por debajo del agua’ –o– ‘a la sorda’… “porque, ¡under the table!“, licenciado Brozo, is something that is utterly and completely different, y asté; nosotros [en el staff] sabemos —que sabe muy bien d’eso.

AnyGüey, licenciado Brozo, and this is with regards to the FIRST Paying sponsor for your weekly webcast, a personal lending company, [congratulations. “Oh happy days”—”Oh happy days,” indeed], which in accordance to the Gospel of Saint George, Carlin [one-each], it is just another way to phonetically dress up an usurer or turn a loan shark into a cute little Nemo®The Clown fish; in any case, “Personal Lending Company” sounds like a Darwinian evolutionary step on the predatory lending industry… you know what we mean, don’t you? We believe that you, and your staff, probably know exactly what we mean, and we believe that our wondering follows from those flashing neon signs that spell ‘pawn shop’, which you [licenciado Brozo] probably can’t miss from your vision every time that you make your way to Las Vegas (NV), or when you and the family cross the International bridges during any major American holiday sale in order to profit from the big sales at any given mall on a border town, or Borderplex, like say, Sunland Park in New Mexico.

Just Fab! Absolutely Fabulous. —_— Dear, Licenciado Brozo, no se puede, o más bien no se debe llevar agua a los molinos en dónde los desechos del NIXTAMAL hieden a NIJAYOTE de JaviDu… eso, Licenciado Brozo, sería como aceptar un contrato para promover en su webcast “El Mañanero Diario”, el banco que le pertenece al otro pinche ex gobernador Duarte (el César de Chihuahua) mismo que anda prófugo en Sunland Park, Nuevo. Mexico, y se pasea por los vecindarios de Coronado Heights, alla en El Chuco, Tejas. —|— But Enough About COGNITIVE DISSONANCE in Rhetoric and Advertising; here is the source from the frame fragment up above:  http ://www .noreste .net /noticia /intermercado-onea-y-carlos-gidi-una-red-de-corrupcion/

The timely addition, Licenciado Brozo, of your first sponsor during the start of vacation season 2017 (not to mention the national hike on toll roads… except for the one heading from Chilangolandia to Acapulco, which you announced on your “Galería #8) is an interesting development to your politics and current affairs (watchdog) series, given that your bread and butter (o lo que a usted le truje, Trujillo) is precisely the task of pointing out those things that in society are currently up side down in the land ruled BY–YOUR–PRESIDENTE: Enrique Peña Nieto.

So, Víctor* (we [the staff] feel like you know us better than we know ourselves), here’s the low-down, on your first sponsor:

for your BRAND of denunciation, which for the most part we applaud, it’s as if you ran a teenager magazine called ‘Catholic Girls: Edition Seventeen,’ and your Business Development Department or Ad Revenue Office was to offer your maiden promo slot to a paraplegic guy who goes by the name of Woody Harrelson, who, outside the realms of LaLa Land is really LaLa Larry Flynt. Way to have your ad revenue cherry poped, way to go, Vìc!

Context follows… uso justo de TODOS los agiotistas…

Be it as it may, and with us not having the resources to academically soup-up this particular entry with a Sen. Al Franken (D-WI) Lexis-Nexis style search from his AirAmerca days, we refer you, Licenciado Brozo to, the gutter:

FOTO DE ARCHIVO: La HORA del Desagüe.  Foto por Armando Segovia/segoviaspixes — 2017.  If you take it from this post Please Give Credit; and if you should PAWN IT we [the staff] will demand at least 1% of the money relinquished to you in exchange for our intellectual collateral. —_—  ANUGÜEY, mañaneros, according to a 2010 TIME magazine advertorial piece, which–oh–BTW makes ‘fair use of all media’ because it expands on an article researched by ‘the’ USA TODAY, and where the TIME magazine contributor seems to shed a new positively skeptical light on the poverty industry (sorry, we meant to type the Pawn Shop Industry, we seriously meant to type The Pawn Shop Industry –and– not THE POVERTY INDUSTRY… please tell your copy writers to adjust our snafu accordingly, and please go ahead and edit the message to reflect the following: that predatory lending practices, kin to the concept OF NO STATE TAXES IN TEXAS undermines the purchasing power of the minimum wage earner [CASE IN POINT: you’ll never see Ivanka pawning White House memorabilia, except of course maybe to the Saudis], and so, with that in mind, one mo’again: Personal Finance Companies seem to give Pawn Shops and Loan-Sharks a friendly face.. Right?

AnyGüey, licenciado Brozo, TIME magazine reveals within the article in review, that it was ‘precisely’ because of legitimate shady practices [or as Rachel Maddow, on ‘the’ MSNBC would put it: Legitimate Wrongdoing!] that banks and lending companies imposed on their customers (almost 10 years ago) where you’ll find the detonator that imploded on all of those private institutions, and the root of how they lost their institutional respectability (or street cred), while bestowing (cause and effecy, maybe?) on the pawn shop Neon Sign (or the personal finance company, Business Card) the same integrity of say, a Mario Puzo’s fabled storefront sign that reads, “Corleone Olive Oil Export Co.” They will keep the hood in check, but i’ll cost ya, eh!

If we read Mr. Tuttle’s TIME magazine reporting on pawn shops (and 24hr check cashing establishments) correctly, then we [the staff] gather that the TIME magazine article ventures into advertorial territory… and here’s why, the catchy headline suggests that we [as readers] should reflect and keep in our memories all the hidden fees, surcharges and other fleecing schemes and practices that remain a standard practice within the federally regulated banking industry; so we posit  a parallel issue of perhaps equal magnitude: the health industry.

Such is the case with crossing the border in order to venture your orbit into a Mexican Radio  Yikes, Yoakam! We meant to type a Mexican Pharmacy!!! or a medical doctor, or a dentist because cost for those government regulated services are too expensive to cover in the Streets of Bakersfield —and especially—  in the times of Trump as Commander-in-Chief in the United States. We therefore believe that Mr. Tuttles headline aims to clear any apprehensions you might have had and which might have kept you from walking into the check cashing front, or a pawn shop in order to take care of your immediate financial needs. Instead of reminding readers that government regulation works best when an electorate is well informed and goes on and votes.

Additionally, the ‘Oh My God’ elements of we did not see this coming on the TIME magazine’ plug, seem to suggest that keeping a watchful eye on precisely the Industries that Are Too Big To Fail don’t merit news coverage until there are scammed people to report on (as it happened in fhe Spring/Summer of 2008) or until the financial storm passes and new paths, however precarious these might turn out to be, begin to give a ray of hope to the bearer of a 40hr work week paper check.

The reporting on this TIME magazine’s “business issue”, shifts the problem of the American government not willing to hold the banking industry accountable for their shady practices, and highlights instead the shortcuts and alternative outlets that (much like the alternative medicine universe) the disenfranchised must take or accept in order to get by. We feel that the 2010 TIME magazine article delegated this very important issue into the fluff-filing conformist pages that makes the working masses hum the lyrics of a Bruce Hornsby song: that’s just the way it is—some things will never change.

Fragmento de las vacaciones de don Paco [en Chicago] … uso justo del Monoaureo . com y el periodico oficial de Chapultepec: REFORMA.

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