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We interrupt this program to bring you the following PSA from the BAS regarding the ADCA or as Nicole Wallace [Republican Strategist] likes to put it: The End of the World.

We interrupt this program to bring you the following PSA from the BAS regarding the ADCA, or as Nicole Wallace [Republican Strategist] likes to put it: The End of the World. —|— Uso justo de un Reloj… TimeNow: 15h30 CET or in plain English, thirty minutes from ShowTime. —|— En el marco, las noticias de última hora que salen desde El Club Nacional de La Prensa en los Estados Unidos (Wash. D.C.) y un fragmento de la serie: << The Papa Poule Square Sessions >>, foto por Armando Segovia (2011—2017).

… TimeStamp: 3 minutes to ShowTime [15:57 CET].


When technological innovation works against US, —as a Whole. —|— Uso justo de todos los medios… Rumours on the interwebs have it,  and on pretty good authority it seems, that the guy who made a fortune with the pretty booms of dynamite was also able to work out a trust so that his name would be associated more with the notion of moving humanity forward, than with the eternal guilt-trip of the consequences of someone mishandling the tools and/or the weapons of mass destruction of his own personal Swedish nightmares.  Freddy Nobel, [ a Swede ] could afford it. The relatively poorer saps over at the Manhattan Project could not. And so, what some of the scientists involved in the development of nuclear winter technology  came up with, in order to “not remain aloof to the consequences of their work,**” was to develop a way to warn decision makers —and the public— on ‘what DA’hell is Going on” with all things nuclear. 

Over on the ⇑ Central Fip’s ⇑ it’s: ↑ Get the Led Out ↑ time.

Known in geek circles [and Mystery Science Theater 3000 reviews] as Atomic Scientiststhese guys —you guys!!!— put out a fact-based Bulletin that breaks down very clear and present dangers that will most certainly bring the world to an end << Period >>


One of the most disconcerting statements made during the 10 a.m.  brief [ EST ] was delivered by Thomas Pickering [one of those guys with ‘Doctor’, in front of their name, we assume ] who oh by-the-way lamented the current state of affairs   of a thing called   love    … of a thing called The Scientific Method, which according to Mr. Pickering, has been rendered as having “limited rationality,” or something like that.  The thing is, —You Guys!!! Science-based facts have been loosing round after round to nationalism and for-profit governments, not to mention the ground lost in common sense, to the  fantasy-based talking points  across  The Globe, which seems to favor fundamentalist opinions over scientifically proven facts… TWO plus TWO does not equal FIVE.     —|—  This is a Public Service Announcement. —||— Foto de Archivo [2011, Papa Poule Square; 93100] Foto por Armando Segovia. CopyLeft, and turn that Fucking Clock Back—You Guys!!!.

Hey Nicole Wallace [ Republican Strategist ]: “It’s the End of the World, as we know it,” do you feel fine?

This is a rushed copy, so for everybody who do not read this blog, the Housekeeping and Math corrections are still to come.

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