With All Due Respect… You’re Indivisible Now

Foto vespertina... Uso justo de todos los procesos.

Foto vespertina… Uso justo de todos los procesos.

“You have no secrets, to conceal.”
Bobby A. Zimmerman,
man of letters, movie extra and Nobel Price awardee.

In The New Republic¹, and all around Catalina Island it’s still Tuesday.
At Papa Poule Square [93100] it’s already Wednesday.
TimeStamp: Eight Thirty on the a.m. dial.

 Cóctel de crepúsculos y amaneceres a seguir]. In the meantime (Spacehog) is open for business [09h56 CET ] Time ⇓ Now: Quince después del Medio Día ⇓

[Context to follow...] —|— Uso Justo de todas Las Repúblicas y los Guardianes por los rumbos del USA Today®.

[Context to follow…] —|— Uso Justo de todas Las Repúblicas y Los Guardianes por los rumbos del USA Today®.

Actualización en tiempo casi real
de un resumen comparativo
Capitulo: Año de México en Francia

[Context should follow... Saludos a Dallas, TX].

[Context should follow… Saludos a Dallas, TX]…. Time now: 20h30 Central Fip time; “I like to live in America—You forget that I’m an American!”

New Republic openings:

  1. Staff Writer, politics; editorial—Washington, District of Columbia…
    Whether you love peppering government agencies with FOIA request or mining draft rules and policy for buried treasure… etc., etc., etc.”
    if [and only if] your Masthead happens to be more interested
    in the work-in-progress being done on this blog today,
    and a potential for growth tomorrow;
    your company satisfies the requirements demanded by the local Unemployment Office in each of the rules to document and verify
    a Job Search [proper];
    apply via:
    https ://tnr .bamboohr .com /jobs /view .php ?id =46

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