Good Morning Today is day 0

My instinct is everybody hates media right now…
that has to be an opportunity.
Barack H. Obama
President of the United States of America.

In Central Europe Time it is now  0600   0700   0800 hrs.
in  12  11  10  9 hours, Eastern Standard Time —it’s showtime.

… as of the first re-run of TRMS, the incoming administration has only appointed 30-each national security key positions. The Job of President of The United States requires another 600-each. However, [!!!] Governor Rick Perry is on top of things, or he hopes, as Top-Trump associates are under scrutiny for having ties to the Russian Global Outreach. This according to the CIA, the FBI and the NYT.


Right Now… ACME is opening a brand spanking new
Wile E. Coyote branch in Donald Trump’s pocket.
The Nuclear Moment is the Last Word on ‘the’ MSNBC, and that’s ok,
because “Survey Says”:
Country Music Plays on the Radio¹,
and a group of politicos called AXIOS is ready to sum-up the
“Bullet Points” that splash information in a single PAGE.
Who Would Have Thunk it… ².
ShoutOut to Joy-Ann Reid and her weekend morning show.

Crooked Media Intro cortesía de Harvard y su NiemanLab
http ://www .niemanlab .org /2017 /01 /obama-my-instinct-is-everybody-hates-media-right-now-that-has-to-be-an-opportunity/

Las fuentes de la Seguridad traída a ustedes por cortesía de:
Sico® ahora con la pared texturizada.

  1. NOFX… together on the sand. Vía, The moron brothers, RIBBED; and of course, YouTube on this channel: https ://www .youtube .com /watch?v =h1zvy4fCPm0

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