Not from Chicago but Clapton gets the idea.

TimeStamp: 19h45 Central Standard Time

In Central Europe it’s right about a ¼ to 3 in the a.m.

In Chicago, The President of the United States is about to put his mark on the History books… and You Know It.

“When you believe in things, that you don’t understand…”
It’s time to sing the Star Spangled Banner…

Remain vigilant but not affraid_a closing statement from the pendulum

Show Up, Dive in, Stay at it… the subtext here, according to those who make up his rear-guard* is defending, being, and staying a Citizen.

because 4 more years, it’s just not possible. ’06 minute marker into the address.

It appears that the echo heard from the feed at the McCormick Place is not a glitch —the reverberation is being felt all around the world.

In Chicago it’s just about 21:30 and No. 44 has left the forum. In París, 9 days remain to change the pictures of the POTUS across U.S. Embassies around the globe.

[ For the record, and educational review: screen capture follows ]. Good night Raquel… happy 8 year-running.

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