Video: Behold: in the New América, it’s Opening Day

Based on a non-fiction show, on CSPAN-8:

… Take me out to the Forum,
Take me out to The Hill.


If you didn’t pay attention in 2016, don’t worry, Chelsea knows how to handle one, or maybe even two boobies —on a horse. —|— … and remember: if you ride, wear a helmet. Stay Safe América, stay safe. —||— Uso justo de C-SPAN, los bancos en España, y las hípicas charlas de Chelsea en su nuevo program: Horsetalk and Nipples.

Swear’em all in, and buy
_those leaders,
some Cracker Jacks.

Good Morning, Today is Tuesday, January the 3rd of 2017.
In CET it’s a quarter to 11 a.m.

… and if you are still sitting at an
Immigration and Customs Enforcement cue line¹,
at any given —HomeLandSecurity— airport
it ‘s probably because
the‘ Make America Great [update] does not
compute con el nuevo ordenador.

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