It’s Time.

Good Morning, in New York it’s still Monday.
Right now, in Philly, my Philly— it is Hardball time.
23 hours from now, those who can —will vote.
The control room is messing with the Bird, again. and so we are now
gonna catch some Z’sss [Did you know that American Republicans invented the Z’sss].

Coming Up: Bruce —The Boss.

[this is only a draft. this is only a draft…i wish it was a beer.] | Uso justo de todos los noticeros, la música, las buenas imagenes y por supuesto: el Estado de mi Primo Joe…TimeStamp 01:10 CET… right now on Hardball, El WaPo is on. | And now… [the following must be read in a John Oliver voice:] of course—if you knew who B.B. really was, you would know that the bleached blond on the mat IS NOT Brigitte Bardot. If you were paying attention you would know that the prop is a Russian model. And if Hillary does not take the RACE it was because The Russians Hacked the Election for Donald Trump. 

Right now [on the East Coast] it’s AFTER MIDNIGHT.. and Jimmy K. Polk is reading the list of POTUS from George Washington to Barack H. Obama. In Raleigh, the Next President was campaigning… in Grand Rapids Donald Trump went  to bed first because He can’t always gets what he wants*… and now The Bird is Up, and Mike Pence sinister Plan is coming UP. Kojak takes over the conversation… Hola Ari. “You Need me on that wall…”.

*You can’t always get what you want”
is probably the lamest song of “The” rolling stones… next to “Angie”..
a Quentin Tarantino Tanker told me so.

[Dear Ari the lawyer… forgot your last name… screen composition follows…
‘ay te wacho, Bato]… TimeNow: The last quadrant of the Seven o’clock hour [CET]. And When the Staff gets to meet General Patton —next to Doroteo Arango, they are now friends— We are going to be able to say that during the Great WARFARE of —2016 we got to shovel shit through ONE screen over the InterWebs so that Donald Trump would not BECOME the Next President of the U.S. of A…. The Staff was waiting for Hillary to say that. Thank You Ma’am. But be advised: “Here, There, and Everywhere,” the staff is going to remain on STAFF DUTY to make sure that THE Bernie’s revolution [#9] is not flushed down the John. —John of course is a reference to that ACKERMAN boy on ‘the’ RT… Coming up the 16 hour countdown follows. Hasta luego MTV. You are in good company. You really are. You lucky so-and-so. [Admit it, Ari: “You Can’t Handle The Truth”… shout-out to Chuck Todd].

Before the screen-compositon,
an ode to Reddit:
TIL, that in DixvilleNotch the first vote was cast
‘con una basinica adornando la chimenea…’
al mismo tiempo, Lady Gaga wore the same Uniform
that XiXa wore at CHEZ FIP
just “The Night Before”…
and given the Circus of this Election Cycle
that is A-Ok_baby. COPY LEFT.

Breaking the News: the staff has located ‘that’ promised picture of Mr. Hanks. The staff would also like to add, that the folder where Mr. Hanks  was spotted is was at a bad angle on the Bus. The staff will remain vigilant at the next Bus Stop to see if our photographer, [segoviaspixes] can get a better angle on Mr. Hanks… Dear Ari. “Thanks for promoting the show”… if the staff had Conan oh-Brian budget, the Staff would play a set of Lovely Rita on an Ice-Rink… in French “ice-rink” means patinoire, and if you can Speak María Teresa Kumar’s Spanish you would know that patinoire, AUNQUE suene igual o parecido que à “patinar” —no es lo mismo [querida] ni ES IGUAL. FYI: noviembre es el mes de Paco Ignacio Taibo y Armando Serrano Prieto was born in 2011. Armando Serrano Prieto is therefore 5 years-old_Going on six. Armando Serrano Prieto was Three-Years old when he began to cover Circos, como teloneros al PAN. [of course María, el tejido latino require de differentes ‘amigos’ para poder cambiar el curso de LAS REPÚBLICAS BANANERAS que aún (’til this DAY—nos agobian; y eso Corazón, lo tienes que leer con la VOZ del Rev. Al Sharpton).

And now. Especially for you, “the” British Invasion Front…
Heresy on the screen:
Via, Sgt. Peppers Lone-Ley Hearts Club Band:
it’s Lovely Rita.
GOOD MORNING [follows].

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