Half-Time show

For the 1900 hour.
The Uptown Jazz Orchestra and Delfeayo Marsalis
RECLAIM the TITLE: Make America Great Again (2016).
In París, The Star Spangled Banner opened
“The” Club Jazz A FIP sessions.

…but not before reminding Dodgers Fans at least for ‘latinos’ [here] why America remains relevant in the Western World. History without the sour notes is PROPAGANDA.

A Donald Trump America would have you believe that a commercial track-wheel vehicle serves the same purpose of a Military Tank. In Donald Trump’s America industrial bulldozers receive the same honors of a military platoon. Personally, the staff would prefer that tanks, flight and water fighters; or the Millenials tools of today’s wars, the drones —didn’t exist. Anygüey, the past is past Donald, go to sleep. I need to focus on Enrique and the next Godinez que sigue al sur del Rio Grande… Right Now, on “the” fip’s, a Black President remains in effect. [and that’s a good thing].

El próximo tercio le corresponde a FIP and it is part of a series that the staff likes to call: “the” Don’t Shoot the Messenger section of this blog.

No le disparen al mensajero.

No le disparen al mensajero.

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