Cancel the uber and tell donald trump to Fuck Off

Go Dodgers
Buenas madrugadas tengan sus mercedes.
Hoy es el último fin de semana antes de elegir al próximo juez
del Turkey day. El lunes por DECRETO será feriado,
y el martes —Nazi-Navidad… if [you]choose trump.

TimeStamp: The Last Word
with MTV News, and of course
Larry de la O… have a nice weekend.
A.M. Joy is going to be working overtime…
because you know: it’s the “Age of Aquarius.”

[Disclosure follows: the following is not Art. Tampoco una invocación de Ben, el abogado de los diablos rojos del partido de los Bush. The following is just a virtual pastiche, a sketch for educational purposes in the Liberal Arts of the G.I.Bill].

Right now: Brian Williams is on right now. Middle guy… With all due Respect: Smile!!! [He did… Bravo!!!]… I tell you what, that Brian Williams sure can pull a smile  of off  off of [jejej] Schmidtty¹. Right now the Fastest Half hour of the day just gave the right of güey to Old Chris waving beach towels near Paris Plages².

¹…must be read with a King of the Hill [Hank] voice over.
²the banks of the Seine, oh-by the Way
closed the traffic way on the right-side of it’s its skirts [no pun intended], and who’s to say if that is a greater good for the environment or,
just a little personal pain in the ass—if you drive.
One thing is for sure,
The Chris Matthews political show just finished it’s its second round
and in Paris, since that route was closed for to motor vehicles,
the Sky sure it’s is cleaner. As the pictures of one-each
telescopic mounted crane clearly show
[ …there is no pun here, just the facts Ma’am].

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