It’s official… 
right now
                             on This American [World] Series Channel
The race for the Title is:
between 2 “C’s”.

… and in Baseball news.
Ex-Brooklyn residents
cede the pennant to
Baby-faced bears.

Congratulations to Chrissie Hynde.
It’s Back to Ohio; and oh—by_the-güey,
congratulation to this friggin’ guy_back-at-The-Nation.

[Image of some sort, will follow. TimeStamp: 08:59]

"♪ pick up the bags—Run_to-The-Station."

  Pick up the bags—”Run_to-The-Station.” ♪ Redman-says… to be continued.

Right now, opposite to Angels Pointat Radio Hill Gardens
—it’s a Chevrolet a su Maverick [5.0] moment for all Dodger fans…

Goooooo Dodgers!!!
There’s another

[provided the World doesn’t end]
race in 2017…
Me estás oyendo Josefina/Chong/Obrador_
…y los que faltán por registrase ante el Padrón Electoral.

TimeStamp: the Eight O’clock morning hours in CET

It’s Time for “The Ocho” round.

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