Salud!!! … and thanks for the New Resolution

Now in HD.
Hey Barnacle… Barnicle… let’s bet a truck.

And the beat goes, on. | Uso justo del Mandalay Bay, Baby Face Wallace, Curly and of course the [establishment] vedettes.

And the beat goes, on. | Uso justo del Mandalay Bay; de Baby Face Wallace; de Curly and of course, the [establishment] vedettes.  

Gooooooooo Dodgers!
And BTW, a good handshake after some good ‘ol
South Park references [Willie], well Sir_
…that is always a class act… in any color.

Coming Up:

[Image-capture follows]…  right now   moments ago  earlier today:  Cartman sure’s been against Trump from the beginning, but he’s also the one that stopped the Bern, and in conclusion. Bernie Sanders accepted the results.


… BUT WAIT!!!! With every Eiffel Tower you also get a puppet! BUT WAIT!!! You get it all for $19.95 [S/H not included]. As a personal gift from our Arizona main Office in Las Vegas, you also get 2 bottles —thats right!!!— 2 Bottles of Super Beta Prostate™. | Uso justo de todos los medios.

Far away eyes girl meets el WAPO.
TimeStamp: Quince para la Una de la tarde.
Fecha: Thursday, October the 20th —2016.

Buenas Tardes.

Buenas Tardes. “I’d like to give the World a Coke™.” … Ode to Tony Montana and a pelican… | Foto por armando segovia / segoviaspixes (2011-2016). CopyLeft. | Mail LOL to The Artist™ ©

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