“What, if anything,
did we learn in Katty Kay’s USA today?

[ Context ⇓ follows ⇓ below ⇓ ].

[Context follows below].

  1. That Comedy Central, over on the daily show is now pub crawling, then going to Bed with one of Televisa’s darling to give you OldNews*
  2. That Cousin Joe and the BuzzFeed-de-France have ears every—fucking—where.
  3. That Hallie Jackson looks well in olive drab; the staff here wishes her a nice flight —say Hi to the Family on first class… and Katty my Dear your little squares look in Blue is are going to come in handy next Sunday morning when the preacher experiences The Show —on LSD… “turn me on dead man, turn me on dead man.”
Context from Dr. Ben Carson follows… "stay tuned."

Context from Dr. Ben Carson follows… “stay tuned.” | Mika is sailing in the South of France; today is her day off.

Right now… a “Dead Heat**” in Ohio is freezing a Casino Owner’s momentum to occupy the Oval Office with only 25 days to the election.



Keep Katty Kay’s mic On.
Right now: Ben Carson is talking morality on behalf of Donald Trump.
Moments ago: Ben Carson was not clear on whether or not he personally believes that the Donald Trump’s accusers are lying.
Right now the Bird was shut-off… but in Syria the White Helmets,
medical supplies —antibiotics, anesthesia, etc., etc., etc…
continue to be the TARGETS.

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