Good Morning, it’s Tuesday, September 27th

In Europe [these letters are typed directly from bed¹].
Full disclosure: our intern [today] is not even 200 lbs.
Right now, The Witt is doing the First Look…

of Syria, again.
White Helmets, civilians —and Children
are blown to smithereens.

En otras noticias, el Dólar (U.S.) cotizó a la baja en Ciudad Juárez à: $19.41 pesos mexicanos por cada billete del tesoro americano.

En otras noticias [ alrededor de El Globo ] el Dólar (U.S.) cotizó a la baja en Ciudad Juárez, à: $19.41 pesos mexicanos por cada unidad de 100 centavos de un billete del tesoro americano.

SoundBite follows ↓ for the bubble ↑ up above.


Happy Birthday Google… you are now Old Enough to Vote!!! And the doodle today, says that's a fact!

Happy Birthday Google… you are now Old Enough to Vote!!! And the doodle today, says that’s a fact! | Uso justo de los Philips; y de todos los medios por los interwebs.

In other news over at the Rockefeller Center… it’s the 1400 hr. re-hash bit. De entrada, here’s what i learned [ if anything ] from today’s show.

1. Morning Joe used to throw-up at  Niclole’s Nicole’s college dorm room. Nicole was not happy that her roommate was going out with Cousin Joe [at that time].
2. Cousin Joe is obsessed with this thing called the Election Circus —and with Mika, in the South of France. Let it go Joe. Let it go.
3. “The” MSNBC pundits [after the election] are going into the headgear business².
4. Next election season, the Trump speech writers and podium strategist will be on the Mr. Rockefeller dime.
* Richard N. Haass is in no way, shape, or traceable record-form related —we repeat, IS NOT related— with the Avocado Hass [Godfather] industry in Michoacán.
What is the favorite snack commodity during the SuperBowls’ events in the Land of the Big, the Great, the Huge: CENTRAL Park — in America; is it, A)… Popcorn. Or is it B)… los aguacates??? Hint, the answer is closely related [ linguistically ] to a MesoAmerican balls.

Right now on ‘the’ FIP’s:
A guy named Bobby Mac Clure
is howling about how he needs a job.
But Please, we here at asegovia3 hope that is not on the TV’s.

TimeStamp:  14:30 p.m. CET

2. [This_cousin-Joe_is-a-footnote]… everyone except Willie Giest, will be getting into the headgear industry. Willy doesn’t like trucker hats, and so Willy is going [instead] into the child-go_to-sleep industry… Willy is a smart man, he drives a small car and Willy is now expanding on his publishing enterprise. Tonight in Manhattan, Willy is going to talk about his imaginary friend: Buddy… Stick around, more Crystal-Ball news are on the way. Right now it’s let me trim my beard time.

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