Buenos Días Mika…

How was Nice?
Did you find those second-hand shoe leather sandals over at
La Citadelle Saint-Elme tourist shop?
Did you make your güey to discover the Chango divers.
Did you stroll over to
La Promenade des Professeurs at Villefranche?

Next time you make your way to Monaco,
do give this monk-ee a… Buzz; or Feed me a text.
We could sip some 1985 Colheita Porto —by the Port;
We could Dee-Light over a Savoy Truffle… or—not. Perhaps… here’s an idea:
we could do the Frog Legs munch, i’ll even do the dishes afterwards.


Good Morning, it’s Thursday, September 22nd —2016
Chris Matthews took the last re-run hour for the wee-hours of the New York Night… Indeed —a surprise.
And this ↓ the snap-shot below ↓ is a Kiss ↓ to FIP↓.

[Snap-shot follows] P.S. I LOVE MEDIA… but i’m poor and broke. And that’s why i break—the—news.

Right now: It’s Way Too Early… a First Look.

Dear Mr. Brokaw,
Let me  tell you  sorry Sir. Allow me to explain_whY_ you-too, aRe a—Millenial.

Must be read, [with all due respect]
with an early Rev. Al Sharpton tone and voice.

[Context follows… need a beer].

[Context follows… need a beer]. Dear Cousin Joe, don’t interrupt your co-host… that’s what armando barbas learned today. | Fair Use of Media… TimeStamp: the 1500 hrs. [CET].

Coming Up:
The Fall Guy

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