They call it cloudy Monday but Tuesday…

Read on the back of a postcard pinned to a cork board in Purgatory:

Triangulation of this context follows… stick around, a few lines after the break we bring you the news from the City that Cars and Marcel Marceau built for this post-hippomobile era.

Contrary to his teenage dreams,
Bon Scott eventually came to the realization*
that the Highway to Hell was not won with Works**
but through the grace of
The Chief Commander.

[Classic screen-grabs follow]…
In the MeanTime here’s  an  a Return-to-Sender remittence.
TimeStamp: The Five O’clock Hour at a Tank Auction in Normandy

In the old days some called ’em Bootlegs.

↓ Below ↓ is an audio-grab [a very bad one at that] however, it does contain Two Awesome nuggets in the form of a Rocker and Communication Breakdown news.
As soon as the ALPA dogs over at Carrot Central post The Show —en toda su integridad… this pirate will release the bonus track… jejejjjjj

The party  Above  starts at the Three Minute timestamp… smoke ’em if you got ’em… because even if you keep on Knocking — the programming crew say that you can’t come in.

 Dear  Look here you combover silver spooner prick  Donald Trump
Trump-Pence gang:

Tim Curry [with] a Patch Adams nose agrees:

You, and your Ken doll candidate
give Clowns everywhere
a Bad Name.

Dear Donald, informed bodyguards are on their way to Normandy to purchase the Little tanks that could.

Dear Donald, informed bodyguards everywhere are on their way to Normandy to buy the Little Tanks that could —end— a megalomaniac’s 1000 year reign. | Oh, and dear Katy, Winston over au Mans asked me to remind you: Lest we forget what Godwin’s Law it’s is all about… fish&chips central, out… where the hell is Branna when we need him? Brannnaaaaaa!

In other news, Cousin Joe solution [without generalities] is to build a Jefferson Spaceship and build his own Ballrooms in Mars.

[Context follows… it’s 24 after the hour, How’s that for echo-and-the-Bunny_Man?

Once upon a time fairy facts:

* Sexy Sadie was a guru… Sexy Sadie broke the rules… Sexy Sadie fed the Troll.
Dave Chappelle pulls an old peacock’s leg. Via: YouTube… https ://youtu .be /er3Um_whlfA?t =337

** Handle me with care: Dear CBS NEWS: BOB DYLAN did not —i repeat— Did Not sell his soul to the Devil. Bob Dylan —as a performer— is an Honorary Member of the Order of St. George, and that’s why the Queen of Battle follows him… “now go get you shoeshine box and hit me with some Laser Beams over on Route 66. Here’s a map: https ://www .youtube .com /watch?v =xkqKrLFqB6Y&feature =19

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