The Last Word on Rudy Giuliani

…is that the former mayor of Nueva York happens to be a warmongering asshole that would have been DeOxygenated at the Nuremberg Trials… like: with a rope… and his casino owner buddy is a Big Fucking wall-fetishist liar.

I’ve got a feeling Somebody’s Watching Me

Good Morning, the last leg of Raquelitos Central is almost up.
And that means the end of the 3 O’clock hour.
Stick Around: THE NEWSweek follows.

In the last way too early session we ran out of Le Rhum, pero  Hoy, miércoles 14 de Septiembre  tenemos mucho Sotol para ver que chingados pasó con don Chente, en la TéléVisión… eh

TimeStamp: 4h 50m CET… right now the Last Word on Maureen Dowd: is that she is now Accounted for. Earlier, Larry O accounted for his time [10 days ago] when he was hitting the Pipe line news,

Right now in yesterday news: it’s Housekeeping and Math. Also, El WaPo is updating yesterday’s screen-grabs:

Fair use of all media… to Check on Mr. Kudlow’s J.F.K. notion that ‘Camelot’ would give the Republicans an economic intrinsic value… or something like that, we’ll have to “ask the panel” first ↓↓↓

Earlier in the night we learned that Nicole was into apples…↓↓↓ 

let’s play:
Hard Avocado… “It’s just lunch”.


 Right now Moments ago, Gov. Rendell  explains  explained PennState… [Yesterday’s news link follow].

Yup… Day after day, it's Overkill.

Yup… “I can’t get to sleep,” because it’s Overkill. | Uso justo de Business as Usual, Al Jazzera and ‘the’ MSNBC.

Yup…. ate lunch alone, —again. Now it’s time to take a nap before the Sequel of the Hound Dog and FoxYesterday, —on the trail— the fox played hooky. Legend has it that the night before, Señor Fox went ahead and got himself a case of ‘the’ cold feet. He [the talented Mr. Fox] was seen [however] wearing a tux among friends.

An aside before the rebound:
have you noticed it yet?
He’s Back!!! Brian Williams
is now cockblocking Midnight,
with a new show.

Seat belts on and ready for lift off, after a nap —of course. See you later alligator.

Seat belts are on and we are all in and ready for lift off; after a nap, —of course. See you later alligator. | Uso justo  de Sun Records y ↑ de Al Jazzera ↑.



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