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Cría patos y los cuervos se sacan los ojos

Dear Joe Scarborough…

this is why you and your buddies at Rockefeller Center —you guys!!!— keep me watching.

You guys keep giving a casino owner
tips on how to be a better candidate.

En otras palabras, you can ask [si áste quiere marchantito, à] don José Díaz—Balart why you shouldn’t give golfing, or populist advice [for that matter!!!] to DONALD TRUMP on your show… he, donald not Mr. Díaz-Balart, will fucking tear your eyes out.

… y por eso, dear K-team at MSNBC [and Halley, too]:
“soy la aventura [mediática] que llegó para
ayudarte a continuar en tu camino.”
Soy lo prohibido
but Mr. Hayes, please, i beg of you:
Don’t get me wrong.

Coming Up: Ayyy amor, ya no me quieras, —tanto.


Laughter the best-Medicine. [Context follows, but not from today Tuesday, August  23  23rd*—2016… today i get to go on a field trip. Dear Joe, please send copy of  Morning  Joe’s  tips for how a casino owner should behave with  Mika  B… Saludos!!!].

 * Thanks for the edit tip.
You are still Right. I’m still here, on the Left Bank.

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