14 Juillet | La Noche de los Fuegos Artificiales

… y el aniversario de la toma de una prisión: Lock Up is for pussies… or for “Double-A” short-stops in the American Baseball League.

Over at Rockefeller Center, Mika is back from the French Riviera [a SOHO bar].

Uso justo de La Marsellesa, 20 minutos y Morning Mika: on MSNBC.

Uso justo de La Marsellesa, 20 minutos, y Morning Mika: on MSNBC.

[Context follows… right now, and to complement the Syria talks [on MSNBC] it is time to go see Secretary of State John Kerry sur les Champs-Elysées].

Orangina and its archives as a source.

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Rearview timestamp. Fair use of media.

Rearview timestamp. Fair use of media.


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