Sworn under a bad sign, at ‘Number 10’

Dear Hallie… i will [virtually] join you in Ohio, forget SOHO. Mientras tanto— en Downing Street:

The will of the people [in the U.K.] get a new Prime Minister today, and as these events unfold, the experts on the télévisions speculate whether Theresa May is going to fit into the old ‘Iron Lady’s’ shoes… across the Atlantic, young americanos [with no memory of their own] wonder from Valparaiso if they will be getting a another despot with a soft spot for ‘attack dogs’?

13 de julio, 2016
Desde Marks & Spencer… en París
por: armando segovia


Bebiéndome la noche, con Los Ángeles Negros sin Germain. | Uso justo de todos los medios y de la gente en la televisión [por Internet].

[Sources follow… right now is time for Housekeeping and Math].

TimeStamp: 13h CET [time-now].


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