No reasonable gambler would bet your paycheck on Trump


—entre una huelga—

en un Casino.

6 de junio, 2016
por: staff

Public Service Announcement

Public Service Announcement | Fair Use of a Monster’s Cookie policy over the interwebs… Fair use of a virtually safe—for—gambling site for the Angelino’s and the Angelina’s crowd.

TimeStamp: 12-noon CET… if you gamble, gamble using British sterling or Monopoly® cash.

Sources are visible on the address bar: have a nice morning/afternoon.

  1. en un Casino:
    Press of Atlantic City., “Hillary Clinton [may] be appearing at Taj Mahal in A.C. on Wednesday. Via: http ://www .pressofatlanticcity .com /alerts_breaking/hillary-clinton-may-be-appearing-at-taj-mahal-in-a/article_ac4a4186-3ff6-11e6-9a38-c71e8dcc3563 .html

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