*Context for yesterday’s ads

Hey baby Qué Paso  Pasó?
According to House Speaker Paul Ryan (U.S.A)
Trump comments are “out of left field”…  WRONG  ANSWER  Mr.  Speaker: Donald Trump’s comments are strictly out of the RIGHT-wing seating section in your stadium.

Lunes 6 de junio, 2016.
por: armando segovia, video capturado el pasado 26 de mayo
durante la Huelga General en Francia.
Paris, Avenue Daumesnil.

Los bibliotecarios pasando por el Instituto Nacional del Oficio de Las Artes… this, Mr. Speaker, is what the Left field looks [like] in action. “You knew what you were endorsing…” said Mika on MSNBC, adding “that is what the ‘Art of the Deal’ is called,” isn’t that Right, Joe?

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