Turn it up! New Progressive Congress for 2018

19 y 20 de mayo, 2016
News bulletins: 3 planes, 1  commercial  and  2  from the U.S. government are involved in international incidents… At this particular hour [11h 55m CET] the search of EgyptAir Flight 804, which disappeared over the  Mediterranean  Sea remains in-effect… On the South China front [via The Guardiana  U. S.  military  reconnaissance plane was intercepted by the Chinese Air Force… Over on the Puerto Rico of the Pacific—front [ GUAM ] a  B-52  crashed, all  crew  members on that mission survived.

And now, back to our regular schedule and continuing coverage of Election 2016—in the U.S. of A.

The “live” Morning Maddow rerun stream from the InterWebs was down…
Let’s bring in The Atlas Courtyard rerun… cued from Rockefeller Center:

Segment: a Public Service Announcement.
Topix: a news follow-up to the Bernie Sanders camp, on MSNBC.
Purpose: to  counter  balance   the establishment’s chorus    the  continuing coverage of a Donald Trump’s “presumptive” nomination.

A Brand new congress

Uso justo de las intervenciones populares en la política internacional. | [Context follows… this blog is still trying to figure out what the world is going to look like [politically speaking] in 2018. | [Context follows]

TimeStamp 8h CET… time-now May, 20.

Air America and the Filipino angle on this issue : http ://www .theguardian .com /world /2016 /may /19 /china-demands-us-military-stop-spying-south-china-sea

Rodrigo Duterte the elected president says [according to The New York Times] that he will take a jet-ski and put a flag on that part of the strategic waters if he has to in order to claim sovereignty of what that news organization calls “a hotly contested reef directly off the Philippine shore”… President elect, Rodrigo Duterte political style seems to be cut from the same stock as the Mexican governor from the state of Nuevo León [Jaime Rodríguez Calderón] and of course, the ‘presumptive’ Republican presidential candidate in the U.S. of A.: Donald Trump.

Update on the Rockefeller Center “LIVE” stream: the signal is back, but Rachel’s “teleprompter” was out last night.



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