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April 24, 2016
Section: Sunday Brunch.
Topic: El indignado de Estambul

Uso justo de los medios… Context follows after an early morning nap.

Uso justo de los medios…

     The thing about comedy and political commentary as a trade, or at least the attempt to put it into practice, is that parody can be a very serious thing. Be it through ridicule or revelation, the conscientious and systematic embarrassment of a foreign political ruler  can  lead  to  a  wide  variety  of  punishments, all transgressions to authority being dealt [of course] depending on the legalese, but most important: the country where the judge will sit.

If the offense [dared*] happened in a place like the Mexican state of Veracruz, the consequences can lead  [it seems]  to  a  premature or an unforeseen loss of life; if the offending party is lucky, then the medicine will come in the form of torture, then years of prison will await, unless you are Florence Cassez and your case can be used as the thing that American pundits call: a political football [on an international scale].

*¿A qué viaja el presidente Enrique Peña Nieto a Turquía?
CNN Polítco

If  on  the  other  hand,  the smear took place  in a lawful society,  [digamos  la  Alemania en el 2016] where public interest prevents the automatic prosecution of crimes, especially the type considered arcane, then the punishment can range from a fine to the revocation of a privilege [say a visa], or maybe even some jail time [i’ve been told… but only if you slander].

With  regards   to   this  on-going  row   between  Germany  and  Turkey, a recent editorial on Erdoğan’s Turkey* makes a good point suggesting [not really] that if the U.K. wanted to be silly, cell blocks would be at capacity come November 1st since the night time activities of the previous evening, “would result in Halloween treak-or-treaters being charged for wilfully and wantonly knocking on doors.” In other words, kids being burned [not literally] for fairy tale inspired law. Now that! [Just like a Donald Trump presidency] would be silly, and then as that image sinks in your head, probably appalling.

*The Guardian view on the Jan Böhmermann affair: no joke

As long as the Bismarck-era law remains in the books, the despotic Erdoğan has the  upper-hand.  My guess is that in order to get a better grasp  of  the  story elements and secure a better understanding of this situation one would have to factor in the humanitarian element of the war refugees [not immigrants] from the Middle-East, which Germany recently absorbed.

Uso justo de una conmemoración. | Uso justo de los medios y de las noticias de Gabriel García Márquez, en la tierra ancestral de uno de los mejores interpretes de La Bohéme: Charles Aznavour.

Uso justo de una conmemoración. | Uso justo de los medios y de las noticias  de  Gabriel   García   Márquez  en  la  tierra  ancestral  de  uno  de  los mejores interpretes de La Bohème: Charles Aznavour…   ||  Frank Walker is George Clooney’s character in Disney’s 2015 production of Tomorrowland.

Frank Walker has a pretty watch, but his alter ego’s coffee habit
kind of defeats the purpose of the COP21 —in New York.

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