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Jackson to be replaced on the $20 dollar greenback

*From Vowell’s Cherokee optics: OBITUARIES… what I see when I look at the face of a $20 Bill. | Source: The FED and Meet The Press on Election Night Coverage on MSNBC.

Rushed copy of the segmented Stickies™ [over one-each, Preview™ snapshot] of news found on the interwebs:

I can’t recall which one of the talking heads [it was Chuck Todd] of MSNBC’s Election Night Coverage episodes laid stress on the point that The United States of America was not a DEMOCRACY, that instead, (as the host suggested) the U.S. was a Republic. However, i do recall that the comment came out of the host of a very influential Sunday morning show called Meet the Press [NASDAQ: CMCSA].


The host’s declarations followed a rather existential moment of political awareness [on live television] in what is developing into the most interesting political race —so far— of the 21st Century. Later in history, this moment will probably be called The Citizens United Race for the Delegates: it was never about The Base.

Delegates —as the law intended— and not the citizens get to decide which two politicians receive the blessing [and the nomination] from the two political parties, (and then) represent The System in the next General Election…


in November, for the post of the leader of a so-called Free World.

The host —with the most— from Meet The Press proposes that in the U.S. of A. the people elect  pick their representatives, and so, in what you might have thought that it was a Democracy, it’s the representatives and not the people who get to deal the cards on who gets to have its name on a General Election political ad.

If that  is  was the case, [that the U.S. is a republic and not a democracy] can someone explain why a [woman’s] right to choose gets infringed upon in every other State in the Union. If, the U.S. is in fact a republic —as Chuck Todd states— why is it that every State has its own driver license issuance rules. Why Mr. Todd? Why? And why does each State have its own voting rules when it comes to choosing the next president?


Dear Chuck… you live in a FEDERATION, not [in] a republic; so don’t kid yourself, because quite possibly ever since the release of the Federalist Papers the goal of the Pilgrim Land has been [for-the-good-of-the-Order] to (set up) a form of globalized control over the world, quite possibly of course, under the guidence and the direction of just a few.


And so maybe this is the reason for the recent airing of an advertorial hosted by Willie Geist’s, in a segment called “behind-the-scenes” of Broadway’s latest smash hit: ‘Hamilton’….

www .today .com /popculture /watch – willie – geist – s – behind – scenes – tour -hamilton – star – leslie – t86826

So maybe the FED should take this opportunity and make the face of the mighty-mighty twenty Dollar ‘green back’ the canvas of a sponsored logo.

The proceeds from the ad space [in the form of currency—not tax breaks] should then go back to the thing called public funds…

There you go Willie, and there you have it Mr. Peacock, a very Capitalist way to save CHUCK TODD’s Republic in a rather Socialist way…

I read somewhere that Chiquita Banana pays good money for ad space in government  posts  ads [Sorry Big Joe, tell Mika that i meant to type “ads” and not “posts”].

Make Money with Money, our Money!!! Remove all Dead Presidents from our currency and slap on a Happy Meal face on’them dollars bills instead.

Dear reader, if you do keep up with this  WordPress  blog, please remember that the effort involved in these editorialized observations serve only as a first draft for a developing story. Additionally, the purpose of these entries [enlointegral] serve as just another window for the news about México, as seen by just another California-born statistic who [by-the-way Chuck Todd] currently resides in a real Republic, called France.

A Mariana no le gusta El Velcro®

A Mariana no le gusta El Velcro®

The source with the most… Arianna at the HuffPost —of course.

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  4. … and of course: The Mighty Mighty Bosstoness without hats.

    Sans Chapeau. Vía Vevo's media.

    Sans Chapeau — Sans Casquette. |  Vía Vevo’s Videos.

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