After the break: Melissa Harris-Perry


When    straightforward    deductions    aren’t    enough,    adding    Contrasta-resto®  could  significantly  reduce  the  risk  of  C.D.F. (Context   of   Discovery   Fibrilation).   Ask    your    doctor    about   Contrasta-resto® and get on with your social justice crusading with the added benefits of Big Pharma’s and Willy Geist’s straight face of approval. Side effects include ad nauseaum, vomiting and your first born [vision*]. Ask your doctor if Contrasta-resto® is Right of Center for you.

No comment. | Fair use of Media. || Sources follow.

No comment. | Fair use of Media. || Sources follow.

Full context follows. Serendipity finished all of the wine. In the mean time here’s Melissa in her own words: :

MHP | Democracy Now!

Fair use of media. | Signaling to the audience that not everything is fine.  ||  Housekeeping and Math* is what makes the Bottom-line.  ||| Political professor is not allowed to talk about politics on MSNBC. |  House keeping and Math* has become Brian Williams 2016 official call sign [not really] during Election Coverage Nights on MSNBC.

*Updated on April 10.
Added the word vision between two brackets
for better context… The side effects of Contrasta-resto®
might alter your future generational perspectives.
Ask your doctor if Contrasta-resto® is right for you.


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