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Octubre 2014 – February 2017       Media Analysis

La llamada ‘televicracia‘; and the so-called ‘Place for Politics’: una mirada a la bifurcación de dos medios de comunicación durante la cobertura de las elecciones presidenciales en los Estados Unidos de América.

Enero 2011 – 15 Feb. 2015 

Una comedia de enredos.

En contexto. Lo que comenzó como un viaje de exploración y aprendizaje a La República Francesa [en el 2010] chocó en el 2011 como un ‘Crash Test Dummy‘ con los procesos electorales de la carrera a Los Pinos [o lo que es lo mismo: la casa blanca de los mexicanos] en el 2012. En el transcurso, los ojos del que aquí escribe vivieron lo que se puede traducir en Arabe como La Primavera Mexicana del Movimiento Por La Paz con Justicia y Dignidad; en Inglés como La Marcha de Los Indignados a Bruselas; y en Francés como el auge del Movimiento de Regeneración Nacional —o MORENA… por sus siglas en el padrón electoral mexicano. En el transcurso, y del otro lado de cada una de esas manifestaciones, el candidato fue un testigo privilegiado de la respuesta del Gobierno Mexicano y de intereses afines al Acuerdo Transpacífico de Colaboración Económica —o simplemente T.P.P.— por sus siglas en ProMexico y en Wall Street. —|— Actualización del 19 febrero del 2017  President’s Day… en los Estados Unidos de América el partido Republicano arrasó con los votos del Colegio Electoral, pero no el del voto popular… así son como funcionan las elecciones allá en el país de los Mount Rushmore.

May 2010 – Feb 2017      Independent Research Project

Concurrent with the Year of Mexico in France, the candidate was granted a “Compétences et Talents Visa” from the French Consulate in Los Angeles, California, in order to study —among other topics— the origins of the Mexican judicial system and the nepotism, which has historically plagued Mexican public offices. The intended aim of this social experiment was to explore the changing face of corruption and of the informal economy in Mexico. The project follows a five-year photojournalistic investigative piece and, to some degree, an ethnography study of several underground cultures in the borderland territories of the Southwestern U.S. and Northern Mexico. This process originally extended from exploring the possibilities of earning an MA in Communication or an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Texas at El Paso.

Aug 2012 – Sept 2014    Program Assistant for North American Students in France

As part of a collective bargaining agreement with Cultural Experiences Abroad [CEA], the candidate received, on a bi-weekly basis, a list of tasks that included —but were not limited— to plumbing crisis issues, electrical troubleshooting and cosmetic dwelling renovations, additionally —depending on the circumstances— the candidate also provided customer service assistance to the enterprise’s clientele. CEA is a global host to undergraduate students from North America. Behind the scenes, this particular stage of the candidate’s background served as an observation post in order to witness, in real time, a sampler of young Americans living in Paris.

May 2009 – Aug 2009     Multimedia Fellowship, The Coloradoan

With sponsorship from the Scripps-Howard Foundation, the candidate was selected for a fellowship at The Coloradoan in Fort Collins, Colorado. The candidate collaborated in the development and execution of web content in an efficient and timely manner.


May 2007 – May 2009     Contributor, Student Publications, University of Texas at El Paso

Gathered news material on both sides of the US/Mexico border, content was featured in articles for Minero Magazine, a quarterly publication. Additionally, captured video and wrote content for Borderzine, an webzine. On a contingency basis provided articles and photographic material for the student newspaper, relating to current events.


Jun 2008 – Aug 2008       Reporter/Photojournalist Internship, Al Día, Weekly Publication

Wrote news articles, feature stories, and photographed events in and around the community for two versions of a Spanish language weekly, one version was aimed at the Philadelphia metropolitan area, the other to the Southern New Jersey area. Assignments included story enterprising, the police and city hall beat, immigration, education, entertainment, culture and foreclosure issues.


May 2005 – May 2007     Stringer, Agence France Presse

Reported on the proceedings and final outcome of the immigration trial and federal appeal process of a former Central Intelligence Agency collaborator; and known terrorist: Luis Posada Carriles… code name: Bambi.


Mar 2005 – June 2006     Advertorial Coordinator, El Paso Times

Wrote content and gathered photographic material to promote commercial and civic organizations. Collaborated in the layout of special sections.


Jan 2005 – Mar 2005        Staff Writer/Photographer Internship, El Paso Times

Part-time internship. Wrote articles about events in the community. Additional duties included the translation of headlines, sidebars, and photo cutlines for use in the weekly Spanish version summary [of daily content] found in the daily editions of the El Paso Times.


Sep 2004 – June 2005    Editor/Reporter/Photographer, Student Publications, El Paso Community College

Issued assignments and stories to fellow students in Mass Communication for use in the student newspaper. Additionally, proposed, developed and implemented a Spanish section for the newspaper.

Nov 1999 – May 2003     Information Technology and Electronic repairs related employment and/or internships.

For General Electric Medical Services: technician internship; UNDER SUPERVISION the candidate serviced, troubleshot, and repaired malfunctions on hospital examination equipment including computerized axial tomography units, magnetic resonance imaging scanners, radiography and ultrasound equipment.
For Jackson-Hewitt Tax Service Inc., the candidate performed the duties of a network administrator.
For Echostar – Dish Network: Information Technology Internship; UNDER SUPERVISION serviced computers and telephony systems in a call center environment

Feb 1991 – Aug 1998      United States Army

Enlisted, non commissioned officer.


2009          The University of Texas at El Paso, Bachelor of Arts in Communication, major in print media with a minor in translation and interpretation (English-Spanish).

2007               El Paso Community College, Associate of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication. El Paso, Texas.

2001               Western Technical Institute, Associate of Occupational Studies in Microcomputing Technologies and Electronics. El Paso, Texas.



2009          Scripps-Howard Fellowship.

2008          University of Texas at El Paso Scholarship.

2007               The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars México Institute, conference scholarship.

2006          Dean’s List, El Paso Community College.

2005          First place in a national Red Bull Energy Drink photography contest.

1998          Honorable Discharge, United States Army.

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