Jazz is Dead, ese… remesas del Norte follows

Where Have You Gone, Moi Camacho?

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—… y don Moisés responde:

I’VE bean Évry Where, man!


I don’t think that word on your Jersey means what you think it means, Mr. Moses.


Bark at The Moooooon, Bannzzaiį, after the Hawaiian time shift for our Wednesday (Slash) Jueves coverage, Öüï Ketch’-es up with the Tarahumara Narco League where The Tchüekos del Portillo got to “church on time” and put two Padres de Cerocahui down witn a runner on Third.

Check please

M stands for, me LA pe LA—n… You Saw It Here First.

Version Monty Alexander.

And, BannZzAaY chica… Did Eye ever told you how Iris loves ya’, but you got’s to watch out for them Sunshine laws in Georgia… just say’n

In The City, City of Sunshine

In The City, City of Sunshine… —Jazz can lick my avocados… We’re Open, Aussie.

Eye swear, if I didn’t have to see what’s for dinner—Eye’d nevah— would have seen how Maddona and Bon Jovi went about it, it would be nuttin’ if I knew how to Jive, … motherfuckers.