Mika is Mr. Wonderful’s bottom bitch… and this is the reason why

In REEL TIME 11 out of 12 jurors where FRENCH… no wait wrong trial.

https ://www .npr .org /2021/11/03 /1052107690 /jury-mostly-white-ahmaud-arbery-georgia ?t= 1636052479135

And, Georgia, because youse always on Mí’s mind… Eye is looking for a new love.

It’s a damn shame, SIRENE.

Thing ONE:
Hola guapa, might your beautiful EYES be in need of some dots… Eye knows this Latin i who’s just throwing them away.

Previously on the Pascal Praut Praud {désolé mio that Eye mispelled your name , Sir} archives at Driving School: this is, Conocimiento de causaefecto is sure to follow.

Permis de ralentir… o como dice FREDDY CATS in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua {2011} via Montreuil-sous-Blasse.  Oríllese a la orilla.

Thing TWO:
“Sticky Note ® », for Kurt… hey Kurt, caught you TUESDAY Evening-quarterbacking on the “msnbc’s”, but most importantly, heard Brian Williams this morning on Central Europe Time talking about, “writing the perfect yada, yada, yada,” … Something, which is fine, it’s just that I DID NOT KNOW THAT YOU WERE A {Sunday Driver} DAVID ALLEN COE fan.

It’s O.K. Kurt, i have caught you before jumping on the bandwagon of my RONALD REAGAN rant directed at Morning Joe. Hop on motherfucker, there’s room for you and that guy with The Beatles cover rack hanging from a wall in his living room. What’s next, José Díaz-Balart is going to be a casual SILVIO RODRÍGUEZ listener?

KNOT only is Mika’s Mr. Wonderful season N° 9, {N° 9, N° 9, N° 9,…} but the episode is Lucky 13 on the South Park reference “throwback”… and while you line up the reticles on that front, let me use this opportunity to introduce RALPH at Emmaüs to MR. BARDELLA².

And Rafa, {REMEMBER McMANUS¹}  before you judge what I am about to show you {with regards to COLUCHE motorcycle priviledges… rumor has it that these were denied, or Something like that, YOU MUSTfactor in what YOU ASKED ME ABOUT the incident casi esquina with the “grassy knowll” at DILLY (pronounced Dealey) plaza in Paris—Texas, and then {governor} Square the TANGENT of the circumference that said TANGENT snatches on Venn’s rounded senos de la côté opuesta à la hipotenusa}

¹.~ The Usual Suspects

— “License and registration… what’cha doin’?
— Chewin’ chocolate.
— Where’d ya’gitt it from?

https ://www .jfk .org /the-assassination /history-of-the-texas-school-book-depository /img_1055/

In context, {because, Ralph, a picture without context is just a fucking sketch} it is always pleasant to hear you inquire about the quirky and in recent latter~Theys, BAT SHIT CRAZY events that are popping up in the good ol’U.S. of A. ISSY, Ralphi.e., Eye has heard about that Q~Vo fellow {pronounced CUE-and-ON} and as I briefly explained I did notice the Kennedy fans at DILLY PARK… and if you know who A BAND OF HORSES are, then you know that THEY ARE in TUNE with the Southpark HARLEY DAVIDSON episode… with that in mind, please FALL BACK to yesterday’s comment on CLINT EASTWOOD’s empty stool rant, and here’s why, Rafa:

².~ And, Counselor… here’s the CATCH {22}… you must read this in a Stephanie Ruhle on a {COLORADO} HIGH s~tool voice with a New Jersey accent from Wall Street, not The Bricks:

All of a sudden, Ralph, BARDELLA is a COUNTRY MUSIC FAN, and when your collègues start calling, Mí!, by my name, then you’ll begin to understand that K has nothing to do with J other than for EWE frogs Jordan comes before Kurt³.

In a parallel universe, Mika is the fastest return on stalling Capitol Hill for Joe Manchin, that Motherfucker.

Over at The New York Times Oral Masturbation hour, the American newspaper of record started a new rock and roll band called “THE BANDWAGONEERS

Should classic rock songs be toppled like statues?

By: Jenny Finney “T~Rex” BOYLAN

Issue N° 43,120
30 rue Raspail (La Courneuve) 93120
Page 14 | Thursday, Nov. 4, 2021
Time NOW, 13:13 with 64% on the cell phone energy pill

The Chapel of Holy Angels y… Machu Picchu en Veinte Minutos

Full Disclousure:

The following text is courtesy of the CITY of PARIS and its HISTORICAL MONUMENTS, dicho de otra manera, lo siguiente es un uso JUSTO de TODAS LAS REFERENCIAS, para satisfacer los requicitos de la próxima CITA con BRONTIS à La PRÉFECTURE, de LA PUTA –Cité.

[Voz de hembra… Westward Ruth en el rol de Sarah Silverman]… few people realize the following, but the woman in Delacroix’s most iconic painting was inspired by a practitioner of the Oldest Profession in the World… pero como ustedes ya lo sabén, y uno no está para contarlo, ninguna revolución se propagó con chicas de la alta sociedad, y si no nos creen, pues pregúntenle al Profe Pedro Salmerón Sanguinés sobre doña Josefa Ortíz de Domínguez, y sus orgias… perdón, sus terulias amenizadas por –Su Alteza Serenísima– don Miguel Gregorio Antonio Ugnacio HIDALGO y COSTILLA y Gallaga Mondarte Villaseñor; mejor conocido como «el padre de la patría» y estrella principal (invocada) durante la Ceremonia de EL GRITO en PARÍS, por la Asociacion France-Mexique… Arriba Los Amigos de México En Francia y El Club del Servicio Exterior Mexicano… ¡AJÚA—Raza! And, Raquelito… sorry about the “latter” when it was suposed to be later, pero, ¡ni pedo — Gustavo — ni que que decir! i remain your most loyal fan; par de putos.

« Jacob’s fight with the Angel in Chapter 32 of the Book of Phil Collinsof the BOOK OF GENESIS… when jacob arrived in PALESTINE, The Promised Land, where his grand—papá had lived, “SOMEONE WRESTLED with HIM until DAWN. Realizing that he could not Control Jacob, he hit him on the hip () and SAID to HIM: release me () JACOB replied: [FUCK YOU] JACOB REPLIED: I will not release you until I have your Blessing () HE THEN SAID: You Will No Longer Be Called JACOB but ISRAEL () Jacob is [as a matter of fact] “STRONG IN THE FACE OF GOD” » [… pero de todas formas y putas maneras; como bien dicen los putos de MOLOTOV: que no te haga BOBO Jacobo, así como él lo hizo con su hermano ESAÚ… en la página dos de DirectMatin.]

Dans la interpretation de Delacroix, l’ange SOUTIENT avec Serenite les efforts désordonnés de l’homme QUI NE VEUT PAS SE SOUMETTRE. C’est la traduction (¡La Puta Metáfora, pues, doña Vilma!) de notre combat intérieur quotidien oú nous [le Staff] devons découvrir que DIEU n’est pas Contrainte, MAIS LIBERTÉ [ironically, not on a fucking AZERTY keyboard] et que c’est de nous-mêmes que nous devons TROMPHIER.

En el Plano Pictográfico,

… cualquiera se puede dar cuenta de la admirable neblina borrosa [dust haze]… cualquiera también, puede notar el magnífico balance de la NATURALEZA MUERTA [Still life] en el primer plano; un montón de ropa abandonada a la carrera, sombrero, espada y flechas. [TODO ESO] fue plasmado [por Delacroix] en VEINTE MINUTOS.

The City of Paris commissioned EUGENE Delacroix to decorate the Chapel of Holy Angels [at] The Church of Saint-Sulpice in 1855 and [HE] finished SIX YEARS LATER in June of 1861. INSTEAD OF THE PEACEFUL IMAGES, WHICH THE THEME OF ANGELS WOULD SEEM TO SUGGEST, [DELACROIX] DECIDED TO ILLUSTRATE THREE [Motherfucking] SCENES OF COMBAT, WHICH WERE MORE SUITED TO HIS TEMPERAMENT.

Don Goyo“, para los que no sigan las noticias de Carlos Loret de Mola, el presentador de noticias de la Empresa Télèvisa (responsable por cierto) de que Florence Cassez hoy este libre, sin el debido juicio que la muy bonita se merecía, no es otra cosa que el volcán POPOCATÉPTL; Don Goyo es una montaña que echa humo, pues. }–~~~\*> USO JUSTO DE Sir IAN en Reddit… porque hasta Merryl Streep se puede equivocar y tener sus Veinte Minutos de fama… el resto de los mortales solo puede aspirar a tener 15 minutos, —pues, ¡doña Vilma!

In addition… WE [the motherfucking STAFF] might add, that some of the most magnificent Trompe-l’œils ever drawn are expressed [by Delacroix] in THREE of the Four PENDENTIVES, which are the TRIANGULAR MEMBERS, that SUPPORT the DOME of the CHAPEL of ANGELS at Saint-Sulpice… if you are ever lost in Paris, you should go check them out… BECAUSE, AMIGO GUSTAVO at the Associated Press, THE [motherfucking] LOUVRE is for FAGS*, y como tú comprenderás, BEING a FAG has nothing to do with gender, in this case we [the staff] are referring to Homosexuality… dicho de otra PUTA manera, lo de FAGS* es lo mismo, pero en Inglés, a lo que “PUTO” significa para describir a una persona pusilánime, como bien puede ser el puto de John Mill Ackermanpor decir— pero eso es solamente un sentir; o como diría el personaje de “McManus” en “THE USUAL SUSPECT”: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7… Oswald was a fag.