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“A Republic, if you can keep it.”
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Ladies in Gemini, con ustedes “El Niño Luc”, sin Sirena pero eso sí, hijos de Benjamin Argumedo, con bosal pa’no empapar… “Take it A–Güey!”, Luc, and nevermind D.A.T. Nereida on them Seine Waves, because over at the neighbor’s rock house the Deepest Purple Pundits of America are riffin’ “Child in Time”, as per regulatory regulations… That Little Devil is in the Samaritaine’s dentils.

Banksi is a Fag, yes he is:
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In Hilo, Hawaii

Time over yonder: It’s The 11th Hour in Hilo, Hawaii, yes it is.

https ://www.fip .fr /emissions /club-jazzafip-du-mercredi-15-juillet-2020

Still to come:
America, D.A.R.E. is template for it!
Run-on Sentence in the key of Jazz

Deer, Willie Geist, please inform Studio 3–A at the peacock Center D.A.T. this here is what a Run-on Sentence looks like in the Key of Jazz (America’s best import, ever), period .:. E8BD413B-C202-4E4B-AB04-4F8A5EFF9901 𓂈 For additional information please head on over to https:// www. old. reddit. com /r/ bitch, 𓂀 is a BUS!

Anyhow, Niño Luc, aren’t you glad that your Evil half, Luc Fregón, does not work for The Guardian at the BBC?

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /economia /2020/07/15 /bbc-recortara-520-puestos-de-trabajo-en-la-seccion-de-noticias-1595 .html

In any case, Luk’y Boy, stop playing the prophet, what are you, Nostradumbass? Stick to the Sensory Business (radio) ‘cus if You lose, It!, you’ll lose a Good Thing—motherfucker!


And in Washington, did John Donald The First just pulled the favorite move of aspiring Hitlers on the “How To Be A Better Despot On Your Way To a More Perfect Tyranny” book, by way of CENSORING COVID–19 related data from the Center and Diseases Control in Atlanta, Georgia?

Breaking The News

Breaking the News… Justice Ginsburg just trolled The Nation (again)… and in Washington, Nicole Wallace just went “Top Gun” by having her breath taken away on Deadline by the REVELATION that if things don’t start to change in real time, there might not be A United States of America on January 2021, even with REGIME Change. Chew on them beans D.A.R.E., Columbia.

And WOIST!!! Did Jared Kushner’s mating partner just pulled an “indirecta” on the good people of Puerto Rico with her choice of Goya Foods product for her illegal corporate sponsorship of Beto Unanue from an official Executive Branch media resource? YOU BETCHA, motherfuckers, it’s a play from that same “despot cookbook”.


In Signs of the End of The World is Near news, Charlie Sykes just introduced the peacock crowd to a place called PORN HUB… oh, The Humanity.

Freud was a motherfucker

Freud was a real motherfucker, and an uncle to all of the Donnie Deutsch-es–es of the world.

Glosario y campo léxico: SPECTACLES

Al regresar en El Cuatro de la BBC:

“Non-linear” mariachis with Duncan Bridgeman,
desde la Plaza del Periodista
en Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua…

Issy…  this is a flashback to  2007  or  2008; maybe  2009,  anygüey, somewhere inside the glossy pages of  a  trade magazine  covering the the advertisement industry*  there lies  [as in being buried]  an article where an El Paso Times marketing director [it was one of the two Robin’s there] was quoted on the reasons why, the ‘newspaper of record’ in the “Sun City” was not covering in a more determined and/or emphatic manner the narco related news stories that were developing just across the street, literally.  In paraphrasing the marketing executive’s written statement, her reasoning went something like this: it’s to bloody, nobody cares about those stories…   —|—  El uso del material de la BBC, de wordreference . com, y de un fragmento del periódico español: El PAÍS es un uso justo de todos los medios de información. La aparición de imágenes en este blog se utilizan con fines educacionales sobre una situación que muchos medios [en su momento] optaron por no darle su debida dimensión. —||—  *DESAFORTUNADAMENTE, EL STAFF PERDIÓ los privilegios de cuenta PARA PODER ENTRAR A LEXIS-NEXIS, Y PUES, la fuente a la cita clave [de una de las dos Robin’s, que laboraban, en el “marketing department” de El Paso Times durante los años citados] pues se va a tener que dilatar un poquito a razón de que no hay recursos inmediatos para continuar… atando cabos.

[Non-linear video about spectacles follows]

Stick around.

… Good Morning.
Today is Monday, April 3rd 2017.

Foto de archivo, Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua —México. Imagen capturada antes de emprender en la Ruta México del 2010—Año patrio del bicentenario de la Independencia, y el del centenario de la  revuelta de unos caciques que le dieron el poder a El General Plutarco Elías Calles… La Revolución aún no se ha televisado.  —|— Foto por armando segovia, CreativeCommons-Share-alike-attribution-nonCommercial International License 4.0.

Y en el Norte de Chihuahua, un medio tuvo que cerrar.