… [A]nd in the role of Diego Luna, General Michael Flynn

14 de febrero, 2014… Deer, Rick Wilson: you (motherfucker) look like a caricature of my Right-side ball (testicle), and them Vans that you are wearing with that Johnatan Lemire “tie” is for the “age–es–Ese”.

Watch’em folks, the guy with the ugly tie has a pattern of waking up after a holiday weekend with a “dead hooker in his truck”, check the MorJo files, It’s all D.A.R.E. in black and white for the Purple Pundit’s eyes .:. FAF529C6-C8D2-49EC-B668-8655FEE18194 🧶 In context, for Mister Larry David in Yada, yada, yada LAnd, it is a good thing that our Lorde Lorne took and/or sent the “subjects“ —ALCAHUETES— by any-other–name (andavedile… for the ASTURIAS chefs) on a holiday weekend just in time For CARNIVAL Cruises, otherwise Mister Rick “i hang a shotgun on the back seat of my pick-up truck” Wilson would get away with being a “PepsiLight” version (on the MSNBC’s) of “COKE ClassicRUSH” on the « Make America GrEAT AgaIN”. That is to say, tune in —join former Sen. Claire Mcacaskill on the professional Ronald Reagan punditry circuit, which happens to be just in front of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and just one step–behind The Fountain of Miss RAND.

We begin in WaWa land, where President Trump has vowed to “cuddle” any Department of Justice findings (trumped–up or otherwise) and use these to benefit his “romance” with despotism in the land of the FREE; Happy President’s Day, Senator Susan Collins, you, madam, are the MainE sex blow–up doll in the 45th Administration of them United States.

Alcahueta principalE

Alcahueta principalE .:. D11C69A4-9B17-42D1-9604-C6E0FDDE39F4—_•!•_— I am Armando Segovia, and Eye approve this message… Bernie Bros. friendly… as long as Millionaires, just like NARCOS and MEXICAN politicians can buy votes with COLD–HARD–CASH and with PAGO EN ESPECIE (In-kind payments for those in The Liberal Arts Fields).

Moving on…

Over on the Deadline hour, the Purple Pundit is fixated on patterns. Now, because Nicole Wallace is color blind, our trademarked tridimensional Venn Diagrams would do wonders for our favorite pundit, next to Rachel, and Mika, and Elise, and Stephanie, and Joyce, and Alex, and of course Jasmin.

in other news, Ugly Mexicans should not be allowed on Television/Streams; especially the ones from Connec•i•cut, or Del•A•where, or Balt•y•Moore, or one of the Yankee states.

Meanwhile, on the Rachel Maddow Show, a Federal Judge admits that We The People are living in the Realm of a Banana Republic.

Dear ESPñ (Rafael Zamorano)… ahora sí:


Arriba Las Chivas… que bailan la danza en la frecuencia de los fips punto efe erres del 105.1 de FM en los interwebs que salen desde Montparnasse.

¡Arriba Las Chivas!!!¿Sí, pero cuáles³? ‘Pos aquellas que bailan la danza en la frecuencia de los fips punto efe erre, del 105.1 de FM en los interwebs que salen próximos a Montparnasse. Atte.: Vicente Fernández.   |   Uso justo de todos los noticieros, las marcas de cerveza, los marcadores presentados por una casa de apuestas; de un reloj [virtual] y de las sepulturas perpetuas en un cementerio municipal [en París, Francia].   ||   Contenido por ESPN, foto del número tres y del gorro en una tumba por Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo*/segoviaspixes (2011-2016).

Así sueltos¹;  y sin  importar ningún por qué…  aunque;  por aquello de que no te entumas, te comento lo siguiente: cuando se trata de cubrir las noticias de México [en CET] el equipo de asegovia3.wordpress.com se reserva el derecho de bailar cada pieza: con, o sin dancing shoes.

[Raider Nation context follows].
TimeStamp: quince después de las veintidós horas [Hora de México]

… mientras tanto en Chihuahua:
Allá en Chihuahua no pasa nada.

Anyway, Ralph, had the staff not noticed at the end of your opinion that your convictions were ‘sponsored’, we [the staff] would have thought that you have never descended from you ivory tower for a beer or two with [the] closest thing that resembles a hooligan* on a Monday morning review of the Premier League on Cousin’s Joe morning show.  It just goes to show the hypocritical goals of BigBrother’ security camera placement. Personally, the staff here donates [for lack of a mécénant] an opinion on the recreational outbursts de alguna porra trogoldita de Fútbol Asociación fusionada con los [o las] inchas de una nación corsaria.

Anyway, Ralph… gotta go get a steak, or a kebab, but before the staff takes off one more thought: if Televisa, or ESPN, or whatever they call la franquicia de los deportes now a days wanted order, they should have injected rejuvenation shots to Joe Montana and the 49ers; or something like that.

De cualquier manera, Rafa. En Chihuahua, Tamaulipas, Durango, Coahuila y en Veracruz: no pasa nada.

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