The Witt of Mehdi on the map and a Gumbo recipe

Over at Studio 8 of the MSNBC building the Lorne is revisiting an alternate universe of the man of the hour:

Emmanuel Macron (when he turned 18 years of age)
(and please, don’t shoot the messenger)
Little Manu wanted to go All-Black
if you can believe that!

« It’s a FesteBUS Miracle », starring Ricky Martin.

[and Colin Jost: them Keconomy’s are made from Fudge… and i can’t make out the gerunds in the ingredients (season-ing) but i can assure you, that however they bake it, that SHIT from the Ariane 6 crew in Guyana is tight! And it is better than any Kool-Aid™️ offered by the evanGELical purity Faith-healing cult, like the one offered by your distant relative, preacher Jones, (born in Indiana, died in Guyana) Melle. Jones].

And starring as “Don Juan Diego”: Cornucopia Boy. 📐🎶 Desde el cielo una Hermosa Mañana… La Guadalupana, La Guada-loup-ana, La Guadalupana se me apareció! 🗣 I told you it was going to be a Festevus Miracle, didn’t i? Note to programmers, the snapshot ⬆️ was captured by yours truly, Armando Segovia, AUSSI be advised that the map to Cabo Wavo is KNOT to Scale, but you fuckers at the AXI(o)S get the IDEA of how to get your kicks on La Vereda Tropical, AKA “The Vineyards of Father Kino” on the Pacific coastline and the Sea of Cortés. La Vereda Tropical to Baja, head South from Highway 66 in Santa Monica, California, when you SEE with your OWN EYES the offices of Televisa’s “LatiUS” division of Pantelion Films.

So, Leslie Jones, check it out Black Beauty*, for the record, the new French Space Agency à Châtelet, just in front of Brown Indiana (it’s trou! Don’t shoot the translator) is, WE ALL NEED MORE SPACE, or something like that, but in French, and lo and behold, “Los Weekends de Los FIG-avaros” moves in on Le Monde du Le 6eme “like a bitch”, to quote the owner of the Miss Universe brand, on this the 100th anniversary of Miss France, which begs the motherfucking question, Marianne, why is the pageant not named Mademoiselle à la française… or, Something in the way (she moves) like that.

Ohhhhh—the humanity! The fucking Figaro is moving in on El Mundo de Le Monde territory .:. 71B60517-28E5-4EC3-8E41-1ABDA77741C3

* page 174 “Chevaux dans la litérature” au galop de «1000 infos Les Chevaux » by Marion Curry; adaptation française courtesy of Claire Lefebvre en GRÜND—knot GROHL.

Anyhow, LesLie (together) Jones and, don’t you go Venn DiaGRAMin’ my blog with no Six Degrees of Find the Bacon because that would be like playing checkers on speed, and it would still be light years away from Ketchin’ up with the hypercube at La Défense, and here is why, Lindsey Reiser:

Check your calendars, Marie, today’s Saint for a They bears the name in all of the planning districts with a Urban development department; knot ministry, eh… BC81895A-133D-4008-9BED-75717708027A .:. Tomorrow’s Santo (20 December) is Saint Théo(ry), so practice what you preach, shall be the Whole of the law.

The way you look, tonight really, really, —really— bring(s) out the Colors.

Any güey, morena, if you need too see with your own lying memories the reasons why this blog cannot be drawn in the Venn Diagrams universe, it is on account of an already explained theory delightfully narrated, explained and then, demonstrated by this guy at Cornell who was ironically shaded by:

E M i
Deecke, Arved (June 12, 2015). “The Truly Most Expensive Record Ever: 2.5 billion dollars (no Beatles and no nudity)”. Kvart & Bølge. Retrieved November 30, 2015. Deecke, Arved (June 12, 2015).
(Courtesy of Wikipedia)

https ://voyager .jpl .nasa .gov /golden-record /whats-on-the-record/


I am not homeless, i am home (space) minus and Tatiana Clouthier, Carlos wants to know if you see “Calzonzín Inspector” for the Very French in this tribute ⬇️ to mis NEGROS of Mexico 68, eh?

Let’s spend the night together, and nevermind “Los Super Machos” en Francés. 🛰 Lest you forget, this is a blog about Mexico, Tía Tati, as viewed from the barrios of your sister’s roaming grounds… I Did Warn You about El Santo contra Las Lobas on another post, and on January 1st, i told you about The Howling Man on the Twilight Zone. — It matters because page ii of Le Parisien’s Île-de-France & Oise (75) Nº 23733: Le Loup s’Installera-t-il aux PORTES de Paris? … [S]urvey says: bien Sur.

In synthesis, i may not be able to explain the patent detailing the optics of a 4th dimension, but i can sure as shit be on time or ahead of schedule to the different doorways to tomorrow’s headlines… or some of Lorde Lorne Michael’s SNL skits, (the one’s worth mentioning) por ejemplo, why not knot Le Parisien into the ingredients for our Louisiana (in a parallel universe) version of a home(–) recipe for a spicy gumbo… ISSY Icarus youse gonna need shrooms or peyote to ride on this magic bus.


For the record Michael Che, stop fucking Bette Milder, she’s non other than Sammy Hagar in this dimension, AUSSI, December the 4th is Santa Barbara, or “Barbe” Saint for A They if swing to the rythmé of Avignon’s pontifical Villa.

I’ve Seen That Movie, Too”, Reginald… and Elton John gives a snappy comeback with a:

“That’s Sir, —Reginald.”

And Ohhhh, My Sweet Baby Jésus!!! HOLY FUCK, period, there is a new regulating body in the Wacky Rigged Races and its name is MoDerNa. 🙈 Do you know what this means, Alicia Menendez? Of course you do, fucking Brits just raised the odds at Matt Bradley’s house in London Town. It’s like mixing Formula 1 racing with NASCAR in one motherfucking toll-road system.

🎶 Desde El Cielo una hermosa mañana, con Leslie Jones

Indeed, Leslie Jones, indeed. Now before we get into the Media Watch Weekend Update here’s the latest on una hermosa mañana en Paris Centre.

Christopher Dickey’s signals from outer space follow… if you are in on The Joke, like we know that Leslie is, then you are probably thinking that the last picture taken by the recently departed (currently in purgatory, level –4; Les Halles) Christopher Dickey, was that of a Ronald McDonald’s at this same stop, and you’d be half-güey right, Miss Jones .:. 62027215-DAC8-4D5E-8168-0E49A3FB5B7C 🛸 Anyway, Leslie Jones, it’s like them dang’on French Frogs say about listening to signals from Casablanca to Jerusalem:

Paris, 11h_ Judging from our trajectory from City Hall to the bowels at the Forum in Les Halles, there seems to be a tactical police seminar happening somewhere nearby on account that this quadrant is crawling with what seems to be every tactical group bottlenecking with their vehicles all of the streets and some of the back alleys of Châtelet. On top of all of the special squads on the block, at every corner and at every bridge between City Hall and Tuileries check-points are stopping people (mostly young) at random (especially young people with backpacks and hoodies) and conducting full pat-down and backpack searches. From our standing ground it looks like another Edition of National Sports Day is about to go down, the banking institutions are boarded up, and strangely enough this time around the storefronts are not protected by plywood, our guess is that since SALES HAVE BEEN SLUGGISH, a nice insurance claim would make up for some of the year’s losses, who knows!

We now return to Weekends with Leslie… and a fucking shopping cart.

Yours truly, Ivan Draco.

So, Miss Jones, the first thing about chasing “The Rachel”, that is to say, the pundit on msnbc knot the “Friends” hairstyle, is that if you are only providing commentary on the screen-grabs that up until recently served as TIMEStamps for the completion of our 10-year process (originally slotted for no more than SIX) with the Republic of France, then you’se playing checkers with former Republican boss, Michael Steele, and that motherfucker is tired of playing checkers on a perfectly good Chess board… so WITT that in mind, check the following unadulterated Venn Diagram, which of course it is part of the “show your work” process.

https ://rss .cnews .fr /pdf /NEP /20201211

“See Más” advertisement, pg. 2; N° 2567 (gratuit) CNEWS Matin 🛰 70F3DDAB-6C6F-4F34-B898-F95E4D100A86 🗣 Indeed, Leslie Jones, if you are watching the Maiden Edition of “Crosstalk with Tiffany Cruz”, then you should begin to factor in all of the Freq Hops from parallel universes beyond the Third Dimension… ISSY, Michael Steele the so-called “Tri-dimensional chess” is for… is for… is for… the CROSS-CONNECTIONS!!!

https ://www .nbcnews .com /news /weird-news /former-israeli-space-security-chief-says-extraterrestrials-exist-trump-knows -n1250333

… [P]or ejemplo, Raquelito, somewhere beyond the dentils, i saw Leslie Jones on Deadline before Philippe Labro’s advertisement ministry began to plot this weekend’s audio track for their bottom line, and i knew about this morning announcement that Israel is forming an alliance with E.T. and My Favorite Martian since like at least two months ago. Ancient Aliens… it’s what i watch, back on planet earth, “Once again” those French lessons purchased under The Year of Mexico in France have really paid-off for police forces South of The Border who just made the top of the list for being the most vicious of the human rights watch.