Hello, Vermonth, Today is Wednesday, November 7th of 2018

Congratulations on electing the American who should be President of The United States of America, right now, for another term in the Senate.

Right now, Florida is turning Kornaki into: The Rage.

In New York it’s 7 p.m. and in Indiana and Kentucky the song remains [Republican Red] the same… oh, the humanity!

El Coloso y Lady Liberty
Part ii

We [the people of the United States of America] are just moments away from witnessing (first–hand) if the Soul of the American Experiment (inspired in part by Polybius) is an oligarchy, a democracy, or just plain ol’Despotism.

Up Streamers… keep your Squelch on! It’s 03.00 hours in Central European ARMY Time.

For this journey, we [the staff] called upon the most important historian that ever came out of a city called, of all things in times of a ruling megalomaniac, Megalopolis. And you know, the good thing about Polybius was that everything that he wrote, was all Greek for the motherfucking Roman Empire of his time. Without the the three parts of the Roman Constitution, o sea, Raquelito, The Consul (War Pigs), The Senate (Pork Politics), and The People (…) which Polybius first made sense of, the Framers of the U.S. Constitution would probably have made George Washington, ruler for life—like fucking Donald wishes he was.

Frequency Hop
with your host,
Moral Officer Matthews

Right Now, right now it’s time for Bri–Wi Zingers, with Brian Williams… right now the Senate has secured  49  45 seats in the Senate, “HBO is going to make a movie about it”. In Texas news, the draconian sychopant Greg Abbott is Governor, again…

D.J. Scratchy Scratch and M.C. Dow Mad… this is a mini intermission.

Anygüey, la cualidad que hizo de Polibio un personaje especial es de que él supo entender la relación paralela entre el gobierno de La República y La Lucha Greco–Romana; ayer como hoy, lo único que en el Imperio es real, es la lucha libre.

… from my Ear, to my Mouth, to one of 30 Rock’s wall; Mitt Romney, is now a freshman fuck, or something like that.

This has been a Bri–Wi Zinger
in Reel Time, only on HBO.

04.15 in Central Europe Time
Ted Cruz takes Tejas and with it
the ticks at the U.S. Senate.

The House and The Senate are split.
Will the House have the Will and the Balls to punish Republican Corruption,
or will they play Softball, Chris Mattews’s got the details on Hardball.

I know Hugh, and Ewe, Sir! Are no Hewitt… Bri–Wi Dix It. •–_!_–•  Lock him up! Lock Trump Up!! Lock Him and his Family Up!!!

Coming up: One Mississippi, Two Mississippi… pass the cranberry sauce, this run–off is gonna be a left-over race.

TimeStamp: 04.48 in Central Europe Time.
Mean while Trump, in La Florida:
Amendment 4 is a go, and that’s good news.
However, the governor is Republican again, and that sucks; which is normal for this neck of the woods.

Dear, Willie Geist:
We [the staff] are calling it the night/morning, in Central Europe is 05.00 hrs.

And they’re off! It’s 6 a.m. in Eastern Standard time

From Indiana to Kentucky and from Vermont to Maine, the Eastern quadrant of the Republican party is launching everything that they’ve got in their bag of dirty little tricks to keep the continuing series of the Horse’s Ass at the Oval Office.

… and now, Ladies in Gemeni
the staff goes on listening silence until the 16.20 break.

We apologize for the delay, but we at staff are experiencing technical difficulties. Jazz from Abroad, it appears from Chicago, is already in progress…

… anygüey, sin importar si los resultados en las urnas son de peras o si son de manzana, porque ayer en Nueva York arrancó un juicio de demanda en contra del Poder Ejecutivo —o sea, el puto de Trump— interpuesta por 17 estados y por la Unión Estadounidense por las Libertades Civiles. El asunto gira alrededor de que al puto de Donald Trump y Jeff Sessions, entre otra bola de culeros, se les ocurre preguntar durante el próximo censo, si esquís hogar lo ocupa una familia de U.S.D.A Certified Gringos, o una familia de extranjeros.

TimeStamp: The Man that The Sirens aime to love… Ultraman!!! A.K.A. the one and only, Willie Geist.

The Smoking Gun
brought to you by:
The same journalists that brought you
The War on Peace Report.


Mean while Trump is still the president of The United States of AmeriKaKaK–47, the Paper Armada is about to cross into a dimension called Manhattan, where time now is 15.20 hours in Eastern Standard Time; over on the Central NATO Time is the 9 o’Clock hour on the eve of a 100 Year commemoration of Franz Ferdinald’s Big Ol’War… “good God —Y’all”.

Have You Seen The Bridge?… Zeppelin goes here.

99 days ‘till the MidTerms y Ayotzinapa para espontáneos

For the Record… FUCK RICHARD NIXON and little donald trump, too.

That’s right donnie—this is an INTERMISSION.

… but first, a note from our sponsors¹:

Make Farmer John Great Again!

Stick around,
Juan Vargas, in the role of Demián Alcázar
follows, and YES, dearest Mika,
the following must be read in the voice of John Meacham.

TimeStamp: 12h30 in Central Europe Time.
Right now, Cousin Joe is wondering why Uncle Elmer is not fact checking the “Google Machine” to undress little Don.

Parallel Universe:

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