Carpe Diem—Support your local Pussy Kats gang

We interrupt These programmings in order to prepare an Award ceremony in honor of Teeny–Tiny Cat for successfully standing his post until properly being relieved from Duty.

#SupportYourLocalGirlGang •–_¡_–• …

In the mean time, Kasie Hunt reminds Jon Meacham playing the role of “Stevie” junk-car Rattner on the MorJo show, that patent crook and intellectual property cock* blocker, “tommy” alva edison, can’t hold a Light to a crazy feller whose iconic name is floating in our Solar System as We type this most incosequential draft.

* Georges Méliès

BATTLE ROYAL with Kasie DC… we go live to The Vicinity of le Pont Neuf on the right bank of the Seine, where Catalonio Barcelonetto de Peralvillo is live with  La Chica de Montreuil, a spokeswoman for a local Franco-Venezuelan girl gang who describe themselves as 4-non-Rubias, according to La Chica, “it’s gone Daddy gone,” adding that the hormones in the air give a “good feeling” but at the same time a bitchy “ugly” vibe, “like a Blister in the Sun.”

TimeStamp: Dancing in the Streets by the Big Mama Kats in Central Siren Den time, eh!

Coming up on the programming, it’s Hand Solo timewhat? Wait! It’s HAN SOLO time, not “hand solo” time because that’s a different “movie”, eh Che? Remember that “movie” that Ewe, that Colin dude, and Colonel Matthews recorded way back at Independence Mall in Philly? Those were Da’dayz, eh, Che.

… anygüey, Cousin Joe: Ewe’r Ugly!!!

Have we’ve Got an ARMY?”… Gray: the gift that keeps on “PILING ON,” sure Pink is our favorite color, but Grey, now that color falls right into “Confessions” territory.

TimeStamp: 17h30 in Central Europe Time with an awkward “Big O’l Jet Airliner” issue in Russia with Jupiter, we might add, center stage wondering if he’s a gonna tell and ask in the same Frog Gesture to ‘little’ Putin, what a fuck, Vlad?

They do it all the Time

”Yeah, Yeah, they do it all the time.”