And in Washington, under The 45th president of them united states of amËrica

It’s time for another milestone on them headstones, knot to bee confused Cousin Joe, with the stone heads from Miles tones, because that’s a different TRUMPet, right now it’s Tú–tú-tú, tú–tú, and that One.


COIN•sí•dence? .:. 6477BF1E-ACD8-455E-8449-7D8FDABC262A ⚰️ “You betcha,” Purple Pundit, and you are not fooling anyONE, Cousin Joe, the Pact between Rachel Maddow and Phil Griffin is that you –motherfucker– shall remain an active Vampire in the a.m. section of the afternoon and Rachel shall be the Lorde of Darkness on the PM side of the Markets. THAT’s the LAW.

If it’s Eerie, it’s probably because it’s Pennsylvania, a close relative of Transylvania… indeed, Mika just ask them POLES over D.A.R.E.

Meanwhile, at The Washington Post, Joyce Vance and some other broad are musing about the charges that could be brought against Donald John Trump if, he should cede The White‘s House comes January of 2021, but that’s not the NEWS with DEM teasers, nope! The REEL NEWS Willie Geist, is that El WaPo seems to have learned from the mistakes of the Democratic Latino outreach program from 2016 and those motherfuckers are now using “monitos” or political cartoons to deliver the punch-line as soon as eyes meet the Front Page.

https ://www .washingtonpost .com /outlook /rap-sheet-trump-crimes /2020/10/16 /c6a539da-0e61-11eb-8a35-237ef1eb2ef7 _story .html

Courtesy of Joyce Vance White

Courtesy of Joyce Vance White 🎙862A21E9-BA21-4713-8C88-C99EF660F9D5 📻 Meanwhile in Paris, fip.siren is transmitting in MONO, get it? Mono.

Finally, DEM motherfuckers understand that Americans can’t fucking read unless you draw a motherfucking picture for DEM.

You know what, Beto O’Rourke, fuck it. I hope Donald Trump Wins. I voted for Biden, because the other option was Kanye West, as Vice-president, so yes, I prefer Kamala instead of Pence, or Mr. Kardashian, but to tell you the truth, maybe it’s time for America to «implode».

It’s 13 THEYS out until the start of a new Prologue, regardless of WHO wins, cheats, or dictates sentence on the next General Election of The United States. Maybe in the short span of what’s left of the political campaign of 2020 Paola Ramos can draw u.s. a sketch of what the face of Latino USA in America will look like, come Black History month in 2021.

If anyone should be blamed for SPLITTING America, it should be the good people of the USA Today… Gannet—yeah, buddy. And now they want to be all high and mighty with an “endorsement”, let Mí draw, IT!, for you Paola, in letters para que tu papá me entienda mejor:


(full-disclosure… the Interwebs gods are being dicks right now and Eddy Currents are at an all time high, with this in mind it’s best to take a nap and wait it out until Curfew time when Traffic comes to a stand still and the the WiFi quarters have a longer lasting bang.)

Catch you at 7 pm… but only if THEY let u.s., Paola, only si nos dejan… while Öüï waits, Mr. Ramos, why Knot flip the Front Page on that adorable Rosbif (madafaka) on the HoBO TV screen, eh‽ Check, IT!, out John Oliver this here is what Öüï calls:

Tomorrow’s Week Today…

Jeudi, 22 Octobre 2020

O como dicen los franceses

O como dicen los franceses: La Mairie.

Jueves, 22 de octubre, 2020

Americans once again put Philippe Labró through another madrugada de reality tv desde el CURB side Recycling Center in Nashville, Tennessee, en donde el presidente de los estados unidos americanos entretuvo con su peculiar estilo de luchador rudo del pancracio estadounidense al afamado cronista de los direct news matines, o algo así.

https ://fr .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Pancrace

Deer, Avi Velshi — “Por eso son reyes”.

Lorem Ipsum: ¿porqué no le salpicas GOYA a tu sazón J.C.? Al fin que como dicen tus hijos los mejicanos: ¡comes y te vas!

Hable Sr. Gonzalez, ¡Hable!

Y hay hasta para llevar

Aquí hay hasta para llevar .:. 99A07E4E-9D96-4AFF-AEDC-D4C7EA4C33E0 .:. Starting con:

Now, Fantastic Negrita on the AM Joy, take a deep breath (no pun intended) and carry on. Nevermind u.s. because aside from the fact that you will not read this, neither will the human pet of Buddy the former executive dog, [it was a tragedy the way that Socks treated that po’Chocolate labrador] but if they did, they would sense beyond a doubt that we don’t select the current events of the week, but being D.A.T.:

https ://www .20minutes .fr/monde/ 154935-20070430-quand-terroriste-combattant-liberte

In the last week, which in dog years is like three months or so, former Attorney General of the United States under George W. Bush made a cameo on the circuitry of the Talking Heads.

Dangling participle

We must relay to former U.S. Attorney General, Loretta Lynch D.A.T. it is not cool to go on National cable TV and take the fifth.

https ://monoaureo .com /2020/08/05/beirut/

Now, i don’t know what it is about the former Attorney General that makes me (little ol’ Armando Segovia) feel uneasy about him, wait, I got it, ah-ha!!! I remember now, he looks like a cunt, but that shouldn’t disqualify him from working or being benevolent just because he’s got a bullet point on his curriculum that credits him as working for Bush 43.

A tu salud, Georgina

A tu salud, Georgina Moreno, a tu salud y a la de don Gilberto Forrest Saldívar.

No, Secretary Clinton, Sr. Gonzalez’ mug should not be the reason for criticizing his appearance on the morning shows, but his reluctance to answer a simple question about his field of expertise, is! Because being the personal attorney of a former u.s. president, and i (little ol’ Mando) is not talking about Nicolle’s former boss; but the DAD! George Herbert Walker Bush 41 should make of mitten face (Gonzalez) the perfect pundit to talk about Attorney General William Barr and his expeditious way to follow the LAW in the way that his number one client, “individual one”, which the world knows as the President of the united states of america, interprets ityeah, Buddy!

https ://www .msnbc .com /morning-joe /watch /fmr-u-s-ag-s-co-chair-new-covid-19-criminal-justice-commission– 89573445633

Dangling participle2

Our apologies to professor at Princeton, Eddie Gloude Jr. .:. C7F9F30B-92F5-481D-B473-B0414565A2D5 ⚖️ We regret to postpone Jimmy’s anecdotes from you recent best-seller but, darn it! Professor, the Atty’s in the frames next to your reading material in the background decided to hit the mute button when asked about the minute-by-minute shenanigans happening at their former 9-to-5. _—•!•—_ First it was AG Lynch who declined to cast aspersions on the Barr, and then Mr. Gonzalez went hiding under Ms. Lynch’s faldas.

And so, for Mr. Gonsalitos, to not talk about a fundamental question about the Executive Power (specifically about your current counterpart, William H. Cunt… wait scratch D.A.T…. William Barr) in real time, sounds a lot a like Robert DeNiro not wanting to write a summary of his motherfucking report in Real Reality Time, but in the Privileged Reasonable Time that the Nation wished that it still had.

https ://www .washingtonpost .com /news /style /wp /2018/04/09 /feature /dennis-kucinich-was-mocked-in-his-presidential-bids-turns-out-he-was-the-future-of-politics/

Indeed, Alicia Menendez, indeed… them Eddy Currents are at an all time high, and they are probably gonna bee getting in the Air tonight. So nevermind them dangling participles, we’ll cut’em off at The Pass.

Still to come: Fake pinto sack de feijão

But first, In an effort to not fuck-up Democracy, so pena de ser clausurado, we the staff are now going to suspend our temporal awareness and hit the self-censor blackout drive switch and try not to bring up any tangent that might hurt the election of the next president of the United States. So, nevermind, Mr. Gonzalez… carry–on, we are not going to ask you if now that you are no longer in the Empire building business, would you in good-faith tell is if Luis Posada Carriles was a terrorist or not?.

But before we talk about it on the other side of Mika Brzezinski’s Morning Show, don’t you motherfuckers forget that the “Dennis” below ⤵️ did Speak Up in real time, AGAINST former C.I.A. Director, George Herbert Walker BUSH, when n°41 asked his son, n°43 at The White House, to release his “anti-Cuba” asset in detention at an I.C.E. facility in El Paso, TX, way back when Luis Posada Carriles pretended to be a “wetback” (not an indo•cum•entado) when he tried to hatch yet another plan to overthrow the Comandante that General MacArthur wished he could have been.

Alberto Gonzalez

Alberto Gonzalez has a C.U.N.T. face, and he’s the WASPiest Beaner East of that West Texas Town of El Chuco.

For the record: General Patton might have been a sonofavitch but, at least he was our most dependable sonofavitch, which is why he is rolling in his grave as Donald Trump’s Secretary of State is to chicken shit to bring up RUSSIA during the non-existent National Security Briefings at Melania’s rose garden.

Still to Come:

Indeed .:. 09E0D847-EB43-4310-97A3-D2AE44D4C651… öüï are talking Royalty here, princesse!

Paola Ramos stars as Teenie Tiny Cat