Cinco de Mayo… behind the scenes with la mano de Pachón Bernardo

And, Eye quotes:

Starring: Bomberito Juárez as the President of Paso del Norte, Front. Chih

https ://siete24 .mx /mexico /bernardo-gomez-de-televisa-me-dijo-que-gane-en-2006-y-que-me-defendiera-amlo/

“Felipe Calderón (former Mexican president ) suggested to Bernardo to leave the country, because most probably for sure THEY recorded the call.”

In Person, Live on Spanish streaming… only on Televisa Univision (fusion). — Happening right now, it’s last month to They… musical guest: 🎷Blackhawk Down and the Miles Davis Belles🎺

AMLO (current Mexican tlatoani/pastor supremo de Chapultepec)… vía 7/24.

But FO’ist… The Last Word to THEY is that in Minnesota a sector of that population can now STOP waiting and, exhale. In Paris, France, is already Tomorrow and in Hilo, Hawaii, the 4 O’Clock remains high on the 20th day… Yeah  buddy.

Tuesday’s Gone.

And in Tulum, Nicole Wallace’s Black Shirt reports

Yup, it could be argued that the murder of a Salvadoreña in Tulum, Minnesota, is a case of “monkey see, monkey do”, however, i can guarantee you that if there was no similar parallel going on in a trial inside a Minneapolis, Quintana Roo, court room, the Mexican cops would be going-on about their normal extortion business as usual.

… good night, Nicole—i don’t know where to start so i’ll do like Cerf-panthère and PAUSE, say hello to Claire. “Wave so Öüï can see you”.