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For starters, the Donald Trump revival tent just fizzed-out and its main pole just came down after learning that attendance to his Republican party nomination (party) was threatening even lower numbers of DIE hard fans than the idiots who attended his post–Juneteenth rally in Okie Town.

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South of Tijuana, a new generation is doing their own thing, and from the same extreme Catholic ralea that brought you “Pole Dancing for Cristo” y “Los Dipu–Tables” comes: Las Tangas de La Reforma de Peña Nieto en el Parque de La Villette. Aquí todos ganan, In•deed.

Farine para La Boulangerie

Baking with Sirens .:. 1EDFAD96-8261-4DE7-9D71-C446C2EE6323 🥖Farine para La Boulangerie, — yeah Buddy!

Adventures in transliteration, Babel’s Tower Edition on Cross Talk only on: A.M. Joy .tiff

En contexto, Tiffany Cross, you’d bee forgiven if your producers are not acquainted with The Hindenburg because, Morenaza, ZEPPELIN Goes Here:

Now Andy did you hear about this one

🎶 Now Andy did you hear about this one .:. 9E198D64-1061-4A77-A0BF-E1898062748B 🚀 Shoot the mirror! Shot the mirror before it’s too late.

Este güey se sube a un ladrillo y se marea, o como dicen en la N.A.S.A.:

If you believe, THEY Put a Man on the Moon, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /mundo /2020/07/25 /elon-musk-sugiere-golpe-de-estado-en-bolivia-por-litio-9647.html

Guess we now know what Neil Armstrong was talking about when the commander pierced the tear sacs on Elon’s eyes. So, the next time that you feel like geeking–out on Deadline, Brian Williams, please make a full–disclosure to all impressionable minds that, THE FOLLOWING LAUNCH is not for the benefit of mankind, but for the exclusive click at the Industrial Military Complex.


Factorization on Emission Contols… Check; Factorization on Human Rights abuses on indigenous peoples and environmental impact on the Amazonian jungle… not available/not important; it’s a TESLA, now with proprietary software to prevent owner transfership.

If the correlation between Henry Ford and his support of Adolf Hitler, and the car maker ‘s contractual relation with a wanna–be king don’t cause Historicity to Rhyme, than let’s wait and see what colonization under this these sets of relationships start to look like in the third decade of the 21st century… we’ve got time, go ahead. Find out.

[B]ut what the chicharras (cicadas) in Arizona want to know Katy Tur is What Would Biden do as President–Elect with a comment like the one that Elon Musk was cavalierly throwing around on social media with the Plebs (con Los Plebes, pues)?
ISSY, doña Bedingfield

ISSY, doña Bedingfield .:. 76D79FB6-5600-40C7-8BFF-35012422C2BD 👨🏾‍🎤 In•Deed, AM Joy’s house is on fire and they will worry about re-arranging a WORLD IN DISARRAY later in the transmission, but just what kind of re-arrangement will, IT!, be? Eye Means, just below PIMA County in Arizona, there is a new settlement of Lithium just waiting to be “exploited”.

Would a President–Elect Biden encourage mamacitas, y abuelitas también, Aussie, getting teared gassed in Africa and in South America like the Trump Administration is doing right now in Portland, Oregon and, most terrorifically encourage picking-up people from the streets just like the Customs and Border Protection desert–boot camouflaged goons are doing on American soil right now?

Ah bah ouis, mais bon — Deer, Brian Williams

Dear, Senator McCass:

You look like an Angel

You look like an Angel… [B]ut Eye got Wise .:. 0A94A288-29C1-4CFD-980F-5D752AADD01A •|• And in Washington, “Black Panther” is moving to the Texas A&M dorm room. It’s all part of the new and improved NAFTA 2.0 deal, —MEC.

Let’s hear it for the girl, period

Having stated D.A.T., and since you have (at the moment) Mr. Williams within arm-reach please relay to BriWi to give our regards to the Baker and inform him that the El Lay delay was skipped in lieu of La Vérité de Catherine Deneuve in the voice of Ethan Hawk, which brings us to a new segment in the making of this most non–consequential blog; por ejemplo Re-run Raquelito, in order to explain … scratch that, the purpose of this new segment is to send a salute to Judd Apatow and his contempt for the so–Called “generation–X” on the Bill Maher show.

Mosquito Wing Private

Mosquito Wing Private, the good “King” .:. A7EC93CB-BCB8-461C-BCB2-CEFE8776E0C6 •|• There was once a king… spoiler “Alert”, the motherfucker passed away and Died on a golden toilette.

Öüï now return to,
Ah bah ouis — mais bon
“Las patronas, quiénes son?

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Felicidades al prof. John Mill Ackerman – Lithium

I’m so happy, ‘cus today“, CHINA found a friend, in SONORA, of all places. And like a good neighbor, guess who is MEXICO’s biggest “vendedor” (amigo Óscar Chávez), here’s a hint, doña Vilma FUENTES:
ya no es el culero de “la casita”,

For Toi Mec

For–Toi Mec.:.BA0B8F9E-4B1D-438B-8FE8-B8D7230FB117

ahora es El Señor de La Chingada
y valga la “gerundiada”, que,
hasta mi tocayo Manzanero
ahora también le hace a la

I'm so ugly

“I’m so ugly, that’s OK…”


Felíz, felíz, que ni siquiera
Dr. Cueli,
Disfrutan de ese tipo de

Oh no, not mí

Oh no, not MÍ.:.2CC41742-92AE-4B22-ADC7-53ABFDBB81AF
–_•¥•_– …[Ö]üï never LOST CONTROL,” said The Man Who SOLD THE WORLD.