Banzai!!! ⚾ No insistas, Nathalie Piolé*

Mi corazón es de La GO’ill de Niza

No insistas Nath-a-Lie.

*.~ If that’s your real name… I don’t lay with the suicidal type anymore. Any hoot, youse just the right type for that B-52 feller that Mel Brooks calls King Kong.

Just Burn the place down already… and if the Jan. 6 Community wanted to view these so-called media they’d be fucked. On the upside, the video arcade and the spray aerosol commission just got a green light to make Paris look like a cool 😎 Brooklyn neighborhood.

Goooooo, Dodgers.

And, Katty Kay… how’s the Queen doin’?

Is she going to let that Fucking “Sun King” outlive her Legacy and go the WAY of The Notorious RBG?

En RFPP, hoy hubo repetición…


As an undocumented tourist³, Eye needs all the help that he can get

³.~ Arrêté interprétatif {or} as Los Amigos de Francia en México call it², DOUBLESPEAK.

Eye… that motherfucker, gots The Joker 🃏.

Truth, activism {and} consequences. = ∞ = Across The Atlantic, a Princeton University professor was talking about this. In this arc of that circle that, Eye, was telling you about last night, Georgina y su compinche, Sergio Avalúos*, could have spoken thruth-TO-power at the various “cinèma festivals” where the Peña Nieto administration was spreading it’s its social attenuation “committees”… or 1901 Associations. Bad the done so had those two Coq suckers done so in 2013 to 2018, there would have been consequences, but that would mean getting blacklisted by ‘papi’ Le Coq… And Ewe all know what Coq Suckers morena-rancia is. Morena-francia loooooves to suck a Coq’s bone dry, and that’s a fact.

².~ ‘member now, GEORGINA MORENO, two things may be TROU at the same time. Like say, the Mexican transformation that promotes the obliteration of CENOTES that happen to be below the TRACKS of your political party’s “Tren Maya”, and the way that you tore your blouse in public [figuratively se puede transformar enrasgarte las vestimentas“] to protest against FRACKING during the COP 21, in 2015.

You can laugh, when your dreams
fall apart at the seams…

And in the role of Jim Croce… Hold on…

Fallen Angels
Track One: Young At Heart

1 de abril — It took you long enough, Congressman Scarborough³

Breaking News_ Paris, FRANCE

https ://balises .bpi .fr /dossier /entre-les-lignes-decrypter-la-presse-papier-et-numerique/

Today in history, Bill Clinton dodged The Draft. At the same time, but in a different latitude, Félix Faure left the window to his office facing la rue GRABIEL, and the rest is what this dude by the name, D’Ancona (Bpi 301.1 DAN) calls “Post-vérité : a guide to follow the age of fake news” ; Plein jour, 2018.

Le Coq Suckers… FOX NEWS pundits can’t resist this trick. Which is why, now that  President Zelenski is getting FIDEL/Che Guevara status, NOW more than EVA’, the man needs someone to test the mistresses for him… I know a guy. TROU fact, here’s the source: https ://www /r /mapporncirclejerk /comments /s7e49b /map_of_countries_where_the_president_died_getting/

Fip Jazz {or} Jzz a Ipf is being brought to you by The Paris Tourism Board.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /F%C3%A9lix_Faure # Death

Musical Guest:
La Pompe
{or} how I learned to love the little gal that Blew a French President to Death.
Inspired by a Trou Story.

Well, you’ve HO’id about “El Llanero Solitario”… it’s not one of those.

Wit a Little help from The Hill.


Adapted from “The Midnight Rambler” sessions, in Bucaramanga, Colombia.

In a clear sign of THE END OF THE WORLD {as we know it}, RINGO is joining the STONES GANG. The Devil himself went to Georgia to sign the deal with a Stradivarius Wizard, on some sort of pinball machine.

https ://www .fip .fr /rock /ringo-starr-a-la-batterie-des-rolling-stones

In related news, goD was still unconsolable after the death of her former drummer, which the local press at the CLEMI on Champs-Élysées², claim that Alanis former drummer was the SACRIFICE for RINGO’s blasphemy in the face of all things that are sacred, such as the Beatles “Family” Album, which the French renamed “The White Album”… oh, but off-course they did, those motherfuckers… said, Paul McCartney, who was not available for comment as he was busy selling Snake Oil out of his traveling stagecoach on a movie set next to the WaWa Tower at Hollywood Cemetery… TROU story.

².~ which is temporarily housed inside of a known timepiece peddler just around the MEXICO OCDE cantina

https ://www .alamy .com /a-colombian-brujo-calling-himself-shaman-llanero-performs-a-black-image 61797477.html

³.~ Giving “The Maverick » a voice in your little three-hour show. Naturally, as a slap-on-the wrist consequence, The Morning Mika Show gets an additional hour to vent Cousin Joe’s fake Beatlemania on the Comcast Dime, man! Starting Monday, Willie Geist is going to play 4-hand piano with himself. Willie can do that, because Willie is more human than human, of course.


Musical Chairs with the CLEMI* follows.

But FO’ist! Evita’s Favorite Foreign Correspondent comes to You Live from Elise’s Hot Mess Saloon.

Issy, ladies in Gemini, that’s Evita Perón, Thee—Evita Perón who starred as Madonna in “Desperately Seeking les mocassins à carreaux de Jeff Spicoli“.

Mike Barnicle stars as The Sheriff… spoiler alert, The Deputy was on vacation.

In this episode, the GO’ills from Elise’s saloon and the masseuses-esas of Claire’s Happy Whorehouse in Texas go hunting for the mocassins, hilarity ensues when Representative Jeff “Jeffy-Jeff” Jefferies plays the role of Jeff Spicoli in Congress. Stephanie Ruhle plays the role of the stranger that staffs up the joint with candy canes from the Jersey Shore. It’s APRIL on the SET of “As The Gwar Turns” and if you follow this happy mess then you know that KNOT to Be OUTDONE by HALLOWEEN, the LAMB made it Snow in PARIS, which is why this episode is called:

April in Paris, stupid… it’s the simplicity, Economy!

Over at Peacock Ranch, Chris Jansing just lost her 9am CET slot (the irony of the Jobs Report) and it is for this reason that Chris Jansing is moving to Paris, France. For the occassion, Chris Jansing sent her Marfa ‘red’ Lights demo called, “Hello Kitty I’m Chris Jansing And I Am Riding Into The SunsetVeux-tu rentrer dans ma bubble?”.


Go DUKE!!! Not you John Wayne, you get to guard The Alamo, make sure OZZY OSBURNE doesn’t piss all over that overrated cumbucket outpost.

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